Attention!  Starting Today, ETLE Mobile Will Wara-Wiri in the Capital Region

Attention! Starting Today, ETLE Mobile Will Wara-Wiri in the Capital Region

The police have started using ETLE Mobile to target traffic violators on several protocol roads in the Jakarta area. Drivers who violate traffic and are caught by ETLE Mobile cameras will be dealt with according to applicable regulations.

“Okay, this is it experiments for the community to take action on Wednesday (7/12),” said Polda Metro Jaya Traffic Director, Kombes Usman Latif was quoted from. Road Safety Squad, Tuesday (6/12).

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The police themselves already have dozens of cars equipped with electronic speed cameras. The cars will go around Jakarta to record drivers who violate traffic rules.

“Yes, all the roads, later all the roads in Jakarta will go around. Muter, yes, the protocol lines in Jakarta are like that. There are 11 (ETLE mobile units) and Tangsel already has 1,” he said.

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Cars with ETLE Mobile can travel at a speed of 5-40 km/hour. ETLE Mobile is equipped Artificial Intelligencethen it can catch criminals who don’t use helmets, seat belts, use cell phones while driving, go against the flow of traffic signals, hitchhike 3, to the odd.

The following are violations that can be subject to electronic fines mobile:

– Violating road signs
– Not wearing a seat belt for car drivers
– Run with HP
– Breaking the speed limit
– Unusual violations
– Run against the tide
– Violating a red light
– Not wearing a hat
– Travel with more than two people
– Do not turn on the lights during the day and at night on a motorcycle