Athletes from seven states take part in the Teresina Cycling GP

Athletes from seven states take part in the Teresina Cycling GP

The third edition of GP Teresina de Cycling begins today (26), with the arrival of athletes from various municipalities in Piauí and other states. With a prize of BRL 25,000, the event opens the official season of road bikes in Piauí. Three official events of the Brazilian Cycling Federation (CBC) will be held this Saturday and Sunday, at Av. Raul Lopes and on the heights of Ponte Estaiada. The event will start this Friday (26), with the delivery of equipment, starting at 2 pm, at the event grounds, at the Tourist Palace of Ponte Estaiada, as well as a technical meeting, starting at 7 pm.

This Saturday (27th), starting at 6am, the Individual Time Trial (CRI) and Circuit events will take place, high-speed skirmishes and the promise of a great race after the finish. All are timed out to one hundredth of a second. The race is not open to non-federated athletes. That’s because GPs are valuable points for the state ranking and the CBC national ranking. During the tests held this season, the best scores will be dedicated to Piauí and Brazilian champions in the ranking system. More than 200 cyclists from Piauí, Ceará, Maranhão, Bahia, Pernambuco, Pará, Tocantins and Brasília-DF are registered.

On Sunday, starting at 7 am, the most technical tests for athletes and also the longest, with altimetry in two heats of 1h30 each, will determine the most physically, psychologically and strategically prepared to win. The race is scheduled to end around noon, when there will be a presentation by DJ Byron Lopes and a performance by Ostiga Jr. and three. From 14:00, there will be a ceremony to award the top five in all categories with trophies, as well as cash prizes and prizes, when the event will close.

A commissioner from the CBC is arriving in Teresina today to review the work of the local commissioners and coordinate the structure and definition of event regulations with the race management and secretariat. The GP Teresina de Cycling Stadium will be open to the public to watch the competition, at Av. Raul Lopes, where there will be a stand, a DJ and a food court.

The event has all the security of the Military Police and Strans and an ambulance with health workers and nurses. The event moves hotels, restaurants, bicycle equipment shops, mechanic workshops, as Teresina is suitable for the practice of major road cycling events, having held the championship of the North and Northeast as well as the championship of Brazil.

Teresina’s Third Cycling Doctor is sponsored by Setur – Government of Piauí; Co-sponsorship: Eturb and Semdec – Municipality of Teresina. Support: Councilor Venâncio, Unimed Teresina; Hotel Arrey, Mountain Construtora, MR Peças, Evo Bikes The Auge, Volvo Lagom, Zen Bikes, Kitanda de Frutas and Zeus Fisiomov. Promotion: D+ Entertainment. Co-production: X Brasil. Management: FCP and CBC.

Registration remains open on the FCP website: