At the “heart” of the Polestar 2, the Candela boat

At the “heart” of the Polestar 2, the Candela boat

The best-selling electric hydrofoil boat has a Polestar propulsion system.

THE Polestar has become more widely known since his association with Volvo and their parallel movement in electrification under the Geely umbrella. The Swedish brand has already delivered electricity his cars in Europe which belongs to the luxury class, while recently it was known that it is a work in the field of electricity boats.

His collaboration with Candle resulted in the first electric boat with hydrofoil technology that he will use Polestar electric car system. The C-8 it has a Polestar 2 engine and is capable of developing speed of the class 40 km/h.

THE freedom she is also impressive as she can travel 57 nautical miles (106 kilometers) for a single charge, while the transmission is direct through the C-POD and the hydrofoil is driven by electronically way. The price of the boat starts from 33,000 euros and obviously more expensive than a car Polestar 2while it is available in two more versions, T-Top and Hardtop.

The amazing thing about the Candela C-8 Polestar is that it has already sold 150 units and is. the most popular electric boat of this unit. The battery has capacity of 69 kWh unlike the large 78 kWh battery it wears Polestar 2while the company explains that consumption energy on a boat is reduced by 80% compared to a similar vehicle.

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