Aston Martin that you can drink for 253,000 euros

Aston Martin that you can drink for 253,000 euros

Inside this unique Aston Martin-designed bottle lies a 52-year-old Bowmore whiskey, which will be auctioned off at Sotheby’s on May 26th. The collaboration between Aston Martin and the legendary Scottish distillery dates back to 2020, with the launch of the DBX Bowmore Edition – a spectacular SUV limited to just 18 units, personalized by Q, Aston Martin’s customization service.

The interior and certain areas of the body featured copper inlays with the Bowmore brand, using copper from the original still used to make the whiskey, adding even more authenticity to this limited edition. So go ahead and indulge in a sip – this whiskey is definitely worth it!

The nascent collaboration between the two distinguished brands encompasses a pair of components: the glass decanter bottle and its distinctive stopper, both ingeniously devised by Aston Martin, in conjunction with Bowmore’s 52-year-old whiskey. The lid is wrought from carbon fiber by means of an extraordinary technique, which imparts a texture evocative of the Mokume-Gane method of Japan.

This veneer emulates the natural appearance of stratified timber or unprocessed rock, akin to the waterside location of the Bowmore Distillery. The whiskey, another consummate creation fashioned from the distillery’s most venerable stock, largely originating from the 1960s, an epochal age for this Scottish liquor.

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This singular bottle decanter and its exceptional contents will be sold at Sotheby’s on May 26th, with a starting valuation ranging from €161,250 to €253,390, although it is highly probable that the final bid will exceed these estimates. The proceeds will be allocated to the Bowmore Legacy Fund, which is dedicated to providing support for the young people of Bowmore who encounter difficulties in obtaining adequate housing or employment opportunities due to some form of disability or limitation.

Furthermore, the bidder who triumphs with the highest offer for this exquisite bottle shall be afforded an unparalleled opportunity to revel in a singular escapade at the distillery and navigate one of the elite DBX Bowmores during the entirety of their sojourn on the resplendent isle of Islay, where the renowned distillery holds its abode. Presumably, this indulgence shall be savored prior to the consumption of the cherished and exorbitantly priced whiskey. At such a premium cost, the felicitous individual shall bask in the experience with utmost fervor and intensity.