Aston Martin shows the first updates of the AMR23

Aston Martin shows the first updates of the AMR23

The team would have a good package of new things for Imola, which ended up being split between Monaco and Barcelona

A aston martin enough for GP of Monaco this weekend with the first updates of AMR23 in the 2023 season of System 1with the prospect of giving a challenge to Red Bull.

led by Fernando Alonso, the Silverstone team is second in the Constructors’ Championship. But when the team Milton Kenya has been dominating thanks to powerful DRS and high aerodynamic efficiency, GPS data shows that Aston Martin has good low-speed traction and impressive braking, hoping to take the win at the weekend.

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The team will launch the first update pack this weekend, having just seen some circuit-specific changes to its base model. But for Monaco, the AMR23 will get a revised suspension setup and changes to the brake duct assembly, as well as improved cooling and downforce, designed for the Monte-Carlo circuit.

Aston Martin has submitted documents to the FIA ​​for changes to the front suspension, with a modified upper “wishbone” to improve airflow around the car. At the front corner, the front wheel deflector has slightly changed profile to better interact with the air coming out of the wing tip area.

At the same time, the rear suspension has been given a fair adjustment to improve the efficiency of the corresponding brake ducts, while also helping the air flow.

These three modifications were made to improve the overall performance of the AMR23, while a more aggressive rear wing was fitted to increase downforce at Monaco. Similarly, at the rear corner, the intakes and brake lines have been modified to focus on the cooling requirements of the track.

Technical details of the Aston Martin AMR23

Photo by: Autosport

Aston is said to have introduced these upgrades at Imola last week. Of the teams at the top, Ferrari was the only one that chose not to bring updates for Emilia Romagna, leaving news for next week in Barcelona.

“We split our package a bit,” Aston Martin boss Mike Krack said. “Part of the Imola updates, the ones that made sense for this weekend, we’ve brought here. But there are one or two things we’ve saved for Barcelona because it wouldn’t make sense to have them here.”

“It’s a split approach: some updates here, some updates for Barcelona. Then there’s more to come.”

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