Aston Martin ‘copy’ from Ferrari: the new AMR22 concept in Barcelona – 2022

Aston Martin ‘copy’ from Ferrari: the new AMR22 concept in Barcelona – 2022

Barcelona It has been a cycle where teams present theirs The first major evolution of the car. Why this? Be where winter trials at the beginning of the season, it certainly gives the first criterion of the championship. So, later 5 real racestechnicians will be able to make a preliminary comparison of the progress achieved in this first part of the year by comparing the current data with that collected in February.

Red Bull and Ferrari have long declared that Spain they would bring a big package of new things (read here plans for Austrian craftsmen e here than those of Italy), but also other teams will not be overpowered. Among theseAston Martin.

AMR22: half a new car in Barcelona

Even of Anglo-Canadian team, in difficulty in this first part of the season, has seen a significant improvement. A move that will change a lot of the car, given that according to what was announced by Andrew Green and out’Cars and Sports‘, the semi will be brand new.

“At first glance” it started technical director of the team, “The car will be very different from the version seen on the track so far. We hope that we have solved the problems caused by the gluttony effect as well“.

Ferrari style concept

The improvements will include, always according to what is reported by ‘SoyMotor. com‘, inside of Ferrari style conceptand solutions which, as we have learned, they should also eliminate aerodynamic rebound completely.

It is still in doubt whether the team will be able to bring enough parts for both of its cars to the 2016 event. Spanish GP. If this were the case, the team could decide to put the solution on only one car and then prepare another seat during the event GP of Monaco. Andrew Green but guarantees: “Both versions will be available in Barcelona.”

Photo: Twitter, Aston Martin

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