Aston Honda’s new partner says he has “no objection” to Alonso

Aston Honda’s new partner says he has “no objection” to Alonso

“If we are on the verge of reuniting with Alonso as our driver, we have no objection.”

After confirming your cooperation with aston martin in System 1 from 2026, the summit of Honda indicated that he “would have no objection” to Fernando Alonsothe current driver of the British team, if the Spanish driver is racing with the Japanese power units in the team of silver stone.

The ‘signal’ comes after the manufacturer announced that it will be a partner of Aston, which brought back memories of the period when Alonso was driven by engines sakura when you went through it McLarenfrom 2015 to 2017 — in 2018, he said goodbye to the Woking team, but it already had Renault engines.

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The Alonso-McLaren-Honda period was tumultuous, with the team suffering from problems with the Japanese power units, leading the two-time F1 world champion to call Honda’s machines “GP2 engines” at speed. 2015 Japan Grand Prixcausing Sakura’s anger.

When asked if the Asian brand would allow Alonso to race one of its cars, the president of Honda Racing Corporation, Koji Watanabehe said: “If we are on the verge of reuniting with Alonso as our driver, we have no objection.”

In any case, the Spaniard’s tenure at Aston until 2026 is not guaranteed, as he will turn 45 in the season when motorsport’s top class will unveil its new engine rules. Meanwhile, the CEO of Aston Martin Group, Martin Whitmarshhe sees no possibility of problems.

“Obviously Fernando is doing a good job in the team and we are happy to have him as part of our team. He has a great contribution on and off the track”, began the manager who revealed that the ‘Alonso factor’ was not even mentioned in the conversation with Honda.

Fernando Alonso, McLaren MP4-30 Honda, leaving the track with engine problems

Photo by: Steve Etherington / Sports Pictures

“But of course I talked to Fernando about the direction we wanted to go. He is a very intelligent person. I’m sure many remember some of the comments that were made, perhaps on the spur of the moment, and are memorable to others, but I think he understands and respects what Honda is doing. Honda won the championship in 2021 and 2022 and if we can’t win this year they will do it again.”

“It is a great partner for us. I think Fernando sees that. But 2026 is outside the scope of the plans. [em termos de pilotos] at that time. We have to give him a car that can win races time and time again. We’ve made progress this year, but we’re still not where we need to be.”

“We continue to develop the team, the equipment and we will get stronger. And we will have discussions before 2026. I am sure about Fernando, Fernando’s driving and what his future is. I expect to be ‘closer’ for several years and it would be great if [no futuro] he is as good a competitor as he is today. So it will be great to have him in the car in 2026 as well.”

Honda, for its part, assured that it has no intention of interfering in Aston’s choice of drivers. Watanabe explained: “Our position has not changed yet and I think the selection of drivers depends entirely on the team, it is not something that a divisional distributor like us should do.”

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