Armed Home Invasion Reveals Malatya..

Armed Home Invasion Reveals Malatya..

In Malatya, the enemy’s armed home invasion raised the floor. The two suspects who fled in a taxi from the scene, where the police team was present, opened fire with a gun, and were later detained.

The incident happened in TOKİ residence in Yavuz Selim District of Yeşilyurt district around 20.15. Allegedly, BG and MG entered the apartment where Y.Ç., where there was hostility, and started shooting with pistols and guns from right to left. The police team went to the area last night, after a report of an incident in the area where the shooting took place. While the attackers were at the scene, the police were panicked when the police team that intervened in the matter announced that the men shot at them and fled in a taxi. When a large number of police teams were sent to the region, all the taxis in the area were stopped and searched to find the taxi that came from far away from the area, but no fugitive was found. In another announcement made at the scene, it was stated that the attackers fired at the people they were fighting with, not the police, but no injuries were reported.

Continuing with the investigation, the police found that the attackers escaped with a Nissan Qashqai, which is rarely used in the taxi. Although it was found that the taxi of the same brand, which was stopped on İnönü Street, was not related to the incident, it was discovered that the taxi that the attackers fled was discovered in one of the taxi stands.

In the investigation, it was found that the attackers got out of the taxi on Mimar Sinan Street. Police teams were then sent to the area. To determine the address of the attackers, the police contacted their relatives and the two attackers were handed over to the police about 2 hours after the incident.

At the same time, in the investigation conducted at the crime scene, 1 sword, also known as waving hand, and 4 empty gun cartridges were found.

It reported that the investigation is still ongoing.

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