Android Auto, Coolwalk’s new interface is finally available for everyone

Android Auto, Coolwalk’s new interface is finally available for everyone

Over the weekend Google released a the eagerly awaited Android Auto update which enables the new Coolwalk interface for all users. The latest version (8.7) also includes a number of new features, including an improved Do Not Disturb mode and an update to Dark Mode.

The new user interface is very reminiscent of Apple CarPlay, in a graphical design that more clearly resembles that of Android. The most interesting feature of Coolwalk is the universal split screen support Android Auto compatible systems, and not just on the bigger, stronger show like it used to be. Users can find on one screen divided into three important information such as navigation, media player and messages, using the Assistant that can suggest in the third box information and recommendations that may be useful at a certain time (locations on Google Maps, notifications when you arrive. or otherwise).

Android Auto, a new interface in distribution to all users

The new user interface is based on the need to make Android Auto work on infotainment systems with very different models. The Google service has real potentialadapt its interface for any type of touch screen, regardless of size and structure (vertical, horizontal, more or less stretched). In this regard, Google had its first version special which thanks to Coolwalk Android Auto can also adapt to displays 33″ (such as Cadillac Lyriq) or 56″ (quoting Mercedes-Benz EQS).

Coolwalk also introduces new features that improve and speed up the user experience on some features and better implementation of Google Assistant. The release of the new interface will be done gradually for all customers, and at the moment it seems that there is no way to force it on your device. Enable new managed server-side images for each client, and Google itself will decide – as it often happens – when to extend the distribution to all surrounding devices.

Google has not yet provided further details on the timing, but the process should be completed within a few weeks. Note that the new Android Auto interface was expected last summer, and was announced at the 2022 Google I/O conference.