Alpine is getting better, Aston is getting worse!

Alpine is getting better, Aston is getting worse!

( – “P11 – sorry.” – Chris Cronin’s announcement is followed by a long silence. Fernando Alonso missed qualifying for Q3 at his home race at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya by 19,000ths of a second. The two-time world champion was just 0.475 seconds short of the best Q2 time. He waved goodbye to his fans from the cockpit.

Fernando Alonso’s departure was unexpected, but it was imminent


“We knew it would be very difficult on this track,” he said after qualifying. “I think it will be tougher in Austria, because the times there are between 1:04 and 1:06.”

What is surprising is that Alonso is happy with the result: “Even if it hurts to say in front of the stands at home. But before qualifying, our forecast was more pessimistic. With one car we decided to put three new sets. Q1 , that shows that they were not very optimistic. “

Eleventh place, which was tenth on the grid thanks to Sergio Perez’s penalty, was “a good result,” assured Alonso. He may have lost his entry into Q3 at Turn 5, a hairpin bend on the left, where he was well off the top. The same thing happened in turn 11, the third to last lap. 19 thousand disappear quickly.

But Alonso prefers to see the bigger picture. What he does not like is the speed of development at Alpine, which in his opinion leaves Aston Martin slow: “Alpine was ahead of us in Monaco and very close in Canada. And here they are half a tenth ahead. They are ahead of us. getting better and better. And so we are getting worse.

His teammate Lance Stroll (14th) confirms: “We knew this would be a tough qualifying match, Q2 was the highest. The car is not fast enough to fight the top teams on this track.”

Photo: F1: Spanish Grand Prix (Barcelona) 2024, Saturday

Alonso expects updates at Aston Martin in the coming days, but is preparing for a long summer. “It will hurt here, like Austria and Silverstone,” he declares. “We have to keep getting points, and if it’s seventh, eighth, ninth – it doesn’t matter. We can’t give up and be optimistic in these difficult times.”

Stores updates are expected only in the medium term

And when will the long-awaited update come? “I hope before the summer break. I think now there is a lot of awareness within the team about what went right and what went wrong, not only this year but also in the second half of last season. We have a few ideas, which should improve the performance , but we still have to endure the pain for three or four races.”

The Racing Bulls’ qualifying disaster in Spain shows that updates are not a panacea. However, Alonso is optimistic about the future: “We have a plan. Let’s see if it will bring better results. But we are more confident than a few months ago.”

“Last year we had the first car that the new technical team had ever built. We always tried to give the car more power. But sometimes we didn’t add much, we made the car harder and harder to drive.”

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This is how it was this year: “Our car behaved differently in Bahrain. And after introducing the first packages (updates), we changed the characteristics of the car a little. We can cope with it a little with the configuration. understand everything better and better, but the next package it’s coming and everything will be fine, but now we have a plan.

“They have been working together for a year and a half now. Now we are in a good position for the future. I am happy, but in the race it is only important. And now it is today, now it is Barcelona. – and that is painful, of course, but I am calm about our performance.”