All about the Chevrolet S10 Midnight which costs R $ 310,000

All about the Chevrolet S10 Midnight which costs R $ 310,000

The model has a dark finish and is equipped with a 200 hp 2.8-liter turbodiesel engine.

Nilton Saciotti

| 05/17/2023 at 10:58 am

The Midnight Edition returns to the S10 line with an updated design and more comfort, connectivity and security features. The Chevrolet pickup is distinguished by its black finish and unique details to cater to consumers who appreciate a special product.

Among the new content-related features are leather-trimmed seats and steering wheel, six airbags, an advanced reversing camera and OnStar technology with Wi-Fi, myChevrolet software and remote electronic system updates. the car shows up.

The front grill, front bumper and more attractive wheels, as well as the darkened rear lights distinguish the New S10 Midnight from the previous model, from 2019.

The New S10 Midnight, which will be positioned next to the LT and Z71 versions, has the popular 2.8 Turbo Diesel engine with 200 hp and 51 kgfm of torque. The transmission is automatic, with six gears, while the traction is 4 × 4 with reduced gear.

“The New S10 Midnight aims to bring another customer profile to the product, as has been done recently with the introduction of other versions. Chevrolet, fortunately, is investing heavily in the image segment this year. We have already launched the Nova Montana and after the S10 Midnight, it will be the turn of Silverado, which will start at the end of the second half “, reveals Rodrigo Fioco, Director of Product Marketing.

Another feature of the New S10 Midnight is the bodywork in the same dark tone, but now with more color contrast. Apart from the traditional Black Ouro Negro, the pickup gets Topaz Gray and Eclipse Blue color options. All metallic.

Curiosity: this is the first time that Chevrolet has used a smart virtual assistant to assist in the production of content for a product launch in Brazil. The tool contributed to the construction of the narrative structure with almost half of the textual content referring to the pickup truck. The constant update of information about the Nova S10 Midnight was important, especially what was still kept secret until then.

Bold design and advanced connectivity

The New Midnight S10 has a unique and bold design, with black details that give the image a more modern and attractive image. The mirrors and 18-inch wheels, for example, are finished in gloss black, while the front grille, light masks and window trim are matte black.

In addition, the New S10 Midnight also has a series of elements that reinforce its unique style, such as the signature LED headlights, the Saint Anthony swirl, the marine helmet, the Midnight logo on the tailgate and the Chevrolet black tie.

The New Midnight S10 features several new features in terms of connectivity compared to the previous model. One of them is the OnStar technology, which provides services such as automatic response in the event of an accident, maintenance alert and vehicle recovery assistance in the event of theft.

In addition, the Nova S10 Midnight also has Wi-Fi on board, allowing passengers to connect to the Internet with a signal that is up to 12 times stronger. Another novel is the myChevrolet application, which allows owners of the vehicle to access various information and control the functions of the vehicle directly on their smartphone.

The MyLink multimedia center has a 7-inch touchscreen and integrates with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto systems.

With this version, which is already arriving at Chevrolet dealers, the average image of the brand is now offered in six sub-versions: LS, LT, Midnight, Z71, LTZ and High Country.