Alkyone Releases His First Personal Album ‘Toka Ishara’

Alkyone Releases His First Personal Album ‘Toka Ishara’

First entry: Saturday, May 27, 2023, 11:30 am

A young songwriter, Alkyone has already made a mark in the music scene with his beautiful voice and unique performances. Alkyone who lives, works and plays music in Edessa comes with his first full-length album titled Exit Sign in songs – music – his own interpretation.

The singer and songwriter, who first introduced himself to the public with his cover of the classic song “My Strange Bird” and caused a natural sensation and excitement in radio stations and the public, now presents 11 songs that introduce us to the world of music like a dream with a symbolic exit.

We have already heard three songs, Genesis, Oh, mama and Yanga. With elements from indie-pop, classical music and cinema, choral parts and unusual sounds, Ishara Andoka creates a world that you are excited to discover. Songs with vivid images give a sense of self-exploration, at the same time capturing experiences, desires, dreams.

What does he say about his first album?

“What if input begins with output? “Leave for a Sign” is a music album decorated with images. Images of mountains, floods, logs, rivers that merge into streams, thoughts that dwell within us, and gardens that bloom only when we meet. It is an album made with much love and carved with the work of three winters. It is the first word of the “child” of music that comes into the world. Which goes into the world with all the dreams, courage and courage that they can carry.” This is how Alkyone describes his first full-length record.

Photography: Alexia Tyriakidou • Illustration: Dimitris Mitsiopoulos

Listen to the song:

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