Alfa Romeo, the new Giulia Sportwagon: this is what it will be like (VIDEO)

Alfa Romeo, the new Giulia Sportwagon: this is what it will be like (VIDEO)

Alfa Romeo is ready to rule the market with models that match the historic DNA prized by purists. Here are the shapes of the new Giulia Sportwagon.

Alfa Romeo needs to change gears after some very difficult years. The recent launch of high-wheel drive cars like the Stelvio and its little sister the Tonale didn’t excite purists of the Alfa brand. There is a significant lack of sporty models, such as the new Duetto, or popular cars like the MiTo. Until now, the price list offers only the Giulia sedan, as well as SUVs. The Stellantis Group brand has announced that there will be important news in the coming monthsmoving in the direction of a sustainable future.

Alfa Romeo Logo (Photo by Ansa)

The decision to consider fully electric vehicles can also represent a significant risk. At the national level, battery-powered technology is still struggling to take off and costs are higher. Fans of the Arese brand have loved the roar of powerful cars, but times seem to have changed a lot now. Almost all brands are following the SUV trend, including Ferrari, and a green dream, having to face a terrible reality. Electric cars may not be desirable and may not justify such a significant expenditure of money. From this point of view, the direction desired by CEO Jean-Philippe Imparato can turn into a great personal goal.

The Biscione brand has just come out of a very difficult period and needs to raise its head again with big sales. The feature crisis may be over within a year, but the competition is fierce. Precisely for this reason Jean-Philippe Imparato, Chief Executive Officer of the Arese company, has announced that new models may arrive to expand the range. Giulia always has its charm, despite the difficult start. The sedan, which should replace the 159, which left the scene at the end of 2013, should have been launched in 2014 and built on the FGA Compact platform. The impact of the international crisis was devastating and forced Alfa to delay the launch date.

Under the leadership of Sergio Marchionne, after moving to Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, the project was reviewed. The Giulia was built on a new platform, named Giorgio. It was launched in a world premiere on 24 June 2015 for the 105th anniversary of the Milanese house of Lombard.. The sedan was also shown at the Geneva Motor Show in two different versions: 180 HP diesel and 150 HP always with 2.2 liter engine. The line of sports sedans of the segment D was guessed, thanks to the right combination of classic and modern.

Alfa Romeo Giulia Sportwagon lines

A gearbox with an 8-speed automatic transmission, a few years ago, was the flagship. The petrol variant had a 200 bhp 2.0 with an 8-speed gearbox. Later came the 210 HP diesel variants with all-wheel drive of the Q4 and the 280 HP turbo petrol variant, also with the all-wheel drive Q4. Centro Stile Alfa Romeo, led by designer Alessandro Maccolini, updated the old lines of the 156 with modernity. A person, with a large grille and strong wheel rims, is usually an Alfa. The suspension is independent of four wheels, wishbones in front and multilink in the back. The car starts at €46,050 and is equipped with active aerodynamics, called Active Aero Splitter, an innovative solution for high speed.

A new version of the sedan may be launched soon. The car is worth the investment, but so far it’s probably the only car with 100% Alfa DNA. There is a need for a big shock, after the first light of growth. Alfa must once again raise its voice with innovative designs with a retro flavor. Senior management can no longer afford a blank slate. From 2025 they should launch many new cars, especially in the pipeline. Giulia Sportwagon may be the right novelty to attract the interest of lovers who have been orphaned by a pickup truck.

See the range of all-new Alfa Romeos. Is there a new Mito Sport coming? This is how it will be (VIDEO). Alfa Romeo, 2023 can give us a killer model. Here is the video. A sports car can, in fact, change the game. A completely redesigned version appeared on the Rons Rides YouTube channel.

The Giulia would have many features similar to the latest SUV launches, such as the light pillars, also found on the Tonale. The Giulia’s starting point is a guarantee of success. Giulia Sportwagon is very slim and elegant. It can be fully electric, but it should also have internal combustion engines. Other details are yet to be revealed. The features are expected to be released in the coming months, if they decide to go into production.

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