Alfa Romeo is preparing to stay in F1 with Haas

Alfa Romeo is preparing to stay in F1 with Haas

A two-year deal is being negotiated, following the end of the existing one with Sauber.

Alfa Romeo and Haas they continued their discussions on the sidelines of his major competitions Monacofor possible cooperation.

I remember that Alfa Romeo he is currently using his power Sauber and rent the name of the Swiss team to participate in Formula 1. However, at the end of the current season, in 2023, this partnership ends, and in two years 2024 – 2025 it will return the name. Sauber in F1while from 2026 its name will be leased by Audi, which in this way makes its entry into the “big circus”.

The unbeaten Max Verstappen, who won the title, also won in Monaco.

Its warranty contract Alfa Romeo in Haasfor two years in fact, starting in 2024, it is reported to be around 20 million dollars per year.

I also realize that currently, Alfa Romeo and HaasBoth parts and engines are supplied by Ferrarihave a common reference and for possible cooperation.

It is worth mentioning that Alfa Romeo He did not want to leave the games, as in the group Stellantis (created in 2021 by group merger Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and PSA Peugeot Citroën) want to get involved in motor sports.

There was a team idea to participate in World Endurance Championship (WEC) but that’s where he participates Peugeot and it would not be right for companies in the same group to fight, and affect their business sales.

Something similar to Porsche and Audi inside of WEC. Eventually Porsche pulled out, but with his entry Audi in F1 from 2026, there is room for it Porsche inside of WEC.