Alfa Romeo and Zagato Collaboration Presents the Modern Style Giulia

Alfa Romeo and Zagato Collaboration Presents the Modern Style Giulia

DEC 12, 2022@18:30 WIB | 900 comments

When brands collaborate in one way, they can often create higher quality products, including collaborations in the automotive industry.

One of the best couples in the automotive industry is Alfa Romeo and Zagato, who have succeeded in producing the beautiful Giulia car.

Alfa Romeo and Zagato have enjoyed a fruitful relationship over the years, but the last time the automaker and design house worked together was in the early nineties.

Zagato makes, but does not design, the Alfa Romeo SZ and RZ. Now, the two have teamed up again for a special edition Giulia.

To celebrate 100 years of collaboration, the two will reunite to build a new Giuia. The model is called the Giulia SWB Zagato, and it will be a coupe of its kind, unlike the Giulia which currently only sells sedans.

Powered by a twin-turbocharged Giulia Quadrifoglio V-6 engine, the car is expected to have an eight-speed manual gearbox mated to an electronic limited slip differential for maximum performance.

To match its performance, the Zagato is expected to be reminiscent of the original Giulia Zagato’s styling and will be sold in very limited quantities, like most Zagato models.

The rarity and exclusivity behind the Zagato brand has always been their hallmark. their performance capabilities aside, which should improve significantly over the Quadrifoglio’s already impressive 505-horsepower output.

Coachbuilders like Zagato are often known for their high-profile collaborations, and according to EVO UK their latest collaboration is with Alfa Romeo.

Both brands have done well in the past on cars like the SZ in the 80s, as well as the “Beast of Turin”. Zagato also has a history with Alfa on the TZ3, a supercar based on the Viper, while working with other Italian brands over the past decades. [wic/timBX] various sources.