Airstream Studio FA Porsche Concept Travel Trailer Unveiled

Airstream Studio FA Porsche Concept Travel Trailer Unveiled

The novel Duster vehicle not only marks the advent of a more contemporary design philosophy but also signifies the emergence of a new era for the Romanian automaker. Boasting Renault’s advanced “CMF B” platform, this SUV features cutting-edge architecture that facilitates more efficient mechanics and is primarily focused on electrification. Furthermore, this is the first model from the firm to exclude diesel options from its offering, while still retaining a biofuel option with LPG. Notably, the Duster is the solitary model to be founded on the 1.3-liter TCe engine.

The Duster range showcases a brand-new 1.2-liter three-cylinder TCe engine that delivers 120 to 140 horsepower, alongside the newly-released HEV in the Jogger Hybrid variant, which features new automatic transmissions and front as well as all-wheel drive 4×4 in the most potent iteration. This groundbreaking innovation not only reinforces the vehicle’s market position but also enhances its overall capabilities. Given the current state of this prototype and its extended test mule tenure, it would not be surprising if the Duster is unveiled after the summer and made available for purchase at the outset of 2024.

Airstream Studio FA Porsche Concept Travel Trailer
Porsche Design’s Airstream camper is a mini-suite for just two

Airstream Concept Travel Trailer, a caravan with the Porsche stamp

A highly alluring concept that boasts a unique retro-futuristic aesthetic, reimagining the future of traditional caravans with a fresh perspective and boundless opportunities for customization. Of particular note is the interior’s remarkable modularity, versatility, and practicality. Although the visual impression might suggest compact dimensions, the reality is that this proposal stretches an impressive five meters in length.

Porsche’s masterful stylists have bestowed upon this camper an aerodynamically optimized design and ultra-light construction, without providing precise figures, yet asserting that it seamlessly integrates with small SUVs and electric cars. Of particular interest is the singular axle and air suspension, which allows for an interior space reminiscent of a deluxe suite accommodating a pair of occupants.

Within the interior, modular furniture features prominently, including an induction cooker, sink, fridge, and a table flanked by side benches that double as mounts for the rear camera situated behind a colossal, vertically opening tailgate. Furthermore, the ample five meters of space allow for the inclusion of a full bathroom, complete with a shower. The roof is even liftable to increase habitability and the inclusion of an awning facilitates a small terrace on the right side, accessible via the main sliding door.

At present, this model is merely a prototype and its potential for production remain uncertain.