Airbus A330-900 Neo Aircraft, Introduction of Calhaj from Adi Soemarmo Solo to Medina –

Airbus A330-900 Neo Aircraft, Introduction of Calhaj from Adi Soemarmo Solo to Medina –

SOLOPOS.COM – About 360 potential hajj pilgrims from Grobogan left for the Holy Land from Adi Soemarmo Airport, Ngemplak, Boyolali, on Wednesday (24/5/2023) early in the morning. (Special), SOLO – According to the schedule, the Adi Soemarmo Solo International Airport in Boyolali is ready to serve 95 groups of prospective pilgrims (calhaj) in 2023.

Various measures have been taken to speed up operational services in this month of pilgrimage. It starts with organizing the staff Airport Security to conduct an inspection of prospective flight passengers at the Hajj Donohudan Hostel.

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Then the staff Apron Motion Control to set the air zone. The following is a modification of the center unit Airport Rescue and Fire Fighting (ARFF) to match the largest type of aircraft used to transport pilgrims.

In this case, the plane belongs to Garuda Indonesia airlines type of Airbus A330-900 Neo which is used to carry pilgrims flying to Medina.

From its first flight in 2017, this European-made aircraft is classified as a new type of aircraft. Garuda Indonesia airlines started using Airbus A330-900 Neo in 2019.

According to Garuda Indonesia’s official website, the presence of the A330-900 Neo is part of the fleet recovery program as an effort to improve flight services by this state-owned airline.

The A330-900 Neo comes with specifications that are no joke. Like birds by category wide, The A330-900 Neo has a body length of 63.6 meters, a height of 16.79 meters, and a wingspan of 64 meters.

As reported by the official website of Airbus, of the two new series produced by Airbus, the A330-900 has a configuration that includes 24 seats in business class and 277 seats in economy class. When configured to maximum configuration, the Airbus A330-900 Neo can carry up to 460 passengers.

Not only that, with the Rolls-Royce Trent 7,000 engine it uses, the Airbus A330-900 Neo is capable of traveling a distance of 13,334 km without stopping with a maximum speed of 91 km/h.

The Airbus A330-900 Neo has been designed with high efficiency so that it can reduce fuel consumption and 25% more C02 emissions compared to the previous generation, so it is considered more environmentally friendly.

The design also looks elegant with enough distance between the desks to make it easy for users to move around. In addition, the A330-900 Neo offers a variety of amenities such as easy-on-the-eyes lighting, entertainment options and Wi-Fi.

Interestingly, every seat has a USB plug And power stations too, lol. In addition to being used as a ship for hajj flights, the Airbus A330-900 Neo is used by Garuda Indonesia. airlines on domestic flights from Surabaya, Bali to Medan.