Again in BMW’s plans a premium pick-up model

Again in BMW’s plans a premium pick-up model

It’s not the first time it’s been heard that BMW is considering entering the luxury pickup segment, but it’s the first time that this trend is gathering even bigger opportunities.

At least this seems from the latest position of the head of BMW Design Studio, Domagoj Dukec.

According to these plans, Dukec said that BMW is always looking for a place and a way to cover the existing gaps in the market and at the moment there is a great possibility to continue the development of the pick-up model.

He noted that since the first time he was at BMW, the public was always asking for a pick-up car, but there were no suitable conditions.

Along the way, the case of making a pick-up exclusively for the American market through the 2019 BMW X7 was considered, but the plan was later abandoned.

But now the reality has changed and BMW is seeing how such a car can find a place in Europe as well, this time based on the more compact dimensions of the next BMW X5.

And if and when the program continues, there is a guarantee from BMW that it will do it in its own way and without having to sacrifice any of the things that characterize its models in general, which is obviously related to road behavior.

This is probably the main pillar that BMW will rely on for its development, in its attempt to differentiate itself from the case of Mercedes-Benz’s X-Class, which it had described as a “disappointment” in 2016 when it was presented.

It remains to be seen at first if this special program will continue, but also if it will have a different fate than the Mercedes model.