Aditya Fully Supports GMC+ 2023 Golf Tournament

Aditya Fully Supports GMC+ 2023 Golf Tournament

BANJARBARU – The GMC+ Golf Tournament will be held again for the second time at the same location, namely Swargaloka Golf Club, Banjarbaru, South Kalimantan. The tournament that golfers in Kalimantan have been waiting for will last for three days, from 26 to 28 May 2023.

The tournament, which was attended by hundreds of golfers spread across the island of Borneo, has the full support of the Mayor of Banjarbaru, Aditya Mufti Ariffin.

The number one person in the City of Dreams also appreciates the golf tournament organized by GMC+. “We hope that with this event, new golfers will be born,” he said when he met with Radar Banjarmasin at his office, Thursday (25/05) afternoon.

According to him, this competition will have a positive impact on the development of tourism in the capital of the state of South Kalimantan. “Because one thing that can be relied on in our region is tourism. Including golf events like this one. With this competition, I am sure I will raise the name of Banjarbaru,” he explained.

“Because apart from coaching, tournaments like this are also a place to introduce Ideal City to golfers nationally,” he added.

For this reason, the mayor, who is known as Ovie, admitted that the golf tournament in Swargaloka was a proud event. “God willing, I will be present at the competition,” he concluded.

At the same time, the Vice Chairman of the GMC+ Golf Committee for the Golf Tournament, Akbar Saleh, revealed that the interest of potential participants who wanted to participate in this tournament was very high.

“Actually, the number of participants this year is less than the previous year, which is 120 participants. But the prizes up for grabs are bigger,” he said.

He revealed that last year there were only four holes in one with prizes of one house, two cars and cash. However, this year the prizes are six holes in one and the prizes are one house, two cars, two cash worth 200 million each. And the last gift Umrah. “What is clear this year is that the award is getting bigger,” he said.

The main objective of this tournament is to improve the skills of golfers and to attract the public to the game of golf. “Golf is one of the sports that is contested in PON. Of course, the hope is that from this tournament young or promising golfers will emerge who can be the support of South Kalimantan on the national stage,” he hoped.

He also hopes that there will be other open golf tournaments. To be a platform for young and potential golfers to improve their skills.

“In my opinion, golf is not an expensive game, as the ideas that have been rooted in society so far. Here you can also reach, and of course it is open to all groups,” he added. (zkr/yn/sheep)