Acura, Honda’s sub-brand of luxury models whose activities are focused on the US and Canadian markets and, to a lesser extent, China (Hong Kong) and Japan, benefits from the Acura Grand Prix of Long Beach 2023, a car. IMSA sport competition this weekend to unveil the 2024 Acura Integra Type S liftback sedan.

As the Japanese-American brand’s direction highlights, this model offers a new interpretation of performance aimed at a new generation of individual enthusiasts. Starting with the power of the high-revving turbo engine, with more than 320 hp, which maintains the high performance tradition of the Acura Integra S Type line.

Liftback sedan: trunk lid and rear window always together

The 1,996 cm³ four-cylinder K20C1 engine, 16-valve VTEC control with two camshafts, direct injection and turbocharger, has a power of 324 hp at 6,500 rpm and a torque of 42.8 m·kgf from 2,600 to 4,000 rpm. As a result, the model has the most power in its class and also the best power-to-weight ratio, 4.5 kg / hp.

The new high-flow exhaust system is unique to the model. Combined with software tuning, this gives the engine the highest American-built horsepower rating, and the highest power density in its class at 162 hp/l. The weight of the torque is quite high, 21.9 m·kgf/l.

To be loved!

The low-restriction exhaust system delivers a note unique to the S-Type. That’s because the active valves in the system provide a distinct listening experience in every driving mode, and when Sport+ mode is activated, the system increases the volume and causes pops and pops. . .

To take advantage of all the engine’s features, the Integra Type S is equipped exclusively with a six-speed manual transmission with short clutches and short acceleration on deceleration, providing a close and rewarding relationship between the driver and the car. The Torsen-type limited slip differential prevents front wheel slip during cornering.

For better road grip and stability at high speeds, this Acura has an innovative front suspension design and dual axle steering. This solution greatly reduces operating torque, according to the manufacturer, starting with a reduction of 19 mm in response to the operating shaft. A Ø 29 mm front anti-roll bar (2 mm longer than before) increases responsiveness and reduces roll. Front and rear dimensions have increased by 88.9 mm and 48.2 mm, respectively.

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The standard damping adjustment system, controlled by the Integrated Dynamics System, provides different damping characteristics in each driving mode: Comfort, Sport and Sport+.
The Shark 9.5J x 19 gray aluminum alloy wheels, with a new design inspired by the NSX Type with 10 spokes, despite having a larger rim, weigh 900 grams each than the standard Integra with 18″ rims. They are fitted with high performance Michelin Pilot Sport 4S 265/30 R19 tyres.

The front discs are Ø 350 mm with Brembo four-piston aluminum calipers monobloc, while the rear discs are Ø 305 mm. Front-mounted air ducts contribute to brake cooling.

The ventilation in the hood is very clever.

The new S model is 71mm wider than the regular Integra due to flared fenders to accommodate larger tire assemblies. The new front panel is unique to the S-Type, which features a Pentagon Diamond grille and combines with an aluminum hood with a special outlet that improves airflow by 170%.
The elegant air intake provides better cooling as well as better air distribution for the turbocharged engine. A wide opening at the bottom of the front draws more air into the cooler.

The rear panel has also been redesigned with three large central exhaust pipes, a new black diffuser and a redesigned trunk lid spoiler, which strengthens the downforce.

The driver-oriented cabin has sports front seats, with four adjustable axes, which provide body support in high acceleration curves. The two rear seats offer good legroom.

A wheel with five spokes twice or with 10 spokes – whatever you want, the owner says

The 10.2″ Acura Precision Cockpit driver information interface is clearly visible on the dashboard. The car also has a data projector on the windshield, a 530-watt sound system with 16 speakers and a mobile phone battery charger.

Standard safety features include Acura’s Advanced Compliance Engineering body design, with driver and front passenger airbags that are specifically designed to protect the head and reduce the risk of brain injury, especially during front collisions, as well as driver and passenger knee pads, rear airbags. for impact, and the AcuraWatch suite of safety and driver assistance technologies.

Good looks, of course; there are no lights connecting the bars. It is not necessary

S-type badges placed on the front grille, each front filter and the trunk lid distinguish this high-performance model. The new 2024 Integra Type S is produced in Marysville, Ohio with the K20C1 engine built at the Anna Engine Plant in Ohio.

The Acura Integra Type S will go on sale in the North American market this June.