Acura begins to reveal the details of its electric SUV

Acura begins to reveal the details of its electric SUV

Acura recently revealed that it will showcase its first electric SUV at Monterey Car Week. The vehicle is named the Precision EV and appears to embody “the future of Acura’s design, electrified”.

The company is skeptical about the new car, but in the release of the teaser it aroused the curiosity of customers, especially in the front grille which shows a very bright led.

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The front end appears to carry the design language of the Integra and MDX, including a five-pointed diamond shape and angular headlights. The sculpted air intakes on the bumper also have a variety of rectangular style indicators highlighted.

The new car should be based on General Motors’ Ultium architecture, thanks to a partnership between GM and Honda, which is Acura’s parent company.

The Acura Precision will be manufactured at GM’s plant in Spring Hill, Tennessee, in the United States. The plan calls for Acura to design the interior and exterior of the vehicles, while the platform will be developed by GM to support the requested specifications.
Photo: Disclosure/Acura

The car wants to go over 1,300 kilometers per hour to break the land speed record

The current land speed record is 1,227 km/h and was achieved by pilot Andy Green in 1997 in a jet-powered Thrust SSC. And the pilot and his team intend to break the record again.

The Bloodhound Land Speed ​​Record is responsible for the highest 13.5 meter vehicle that has jet power and, during testing in 2019, reached more than 1,000 km/h.

The UK-based project was put on hold during the Covid-19 pandemic, which made fundraising by donors impossible. According to an interview with The Sunday Times, Stuart Edmondson, who is responsible for the project, said that it needs an investment of about 12 million US dollars – about 62.5 million dollars – to move forward.

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