Accident: BMW owner refuses to fix Fiat Uno and case goes to court |  capital cities

Accident: BMW owner refuses to fix Fiat Uno and case goes to court | capital cities

The accident involving a BMW worth BRL 500,000, ended up in court after a request for BRL 15,000 to repair Uno was rejected.

The case against a 20-year-old girl, arrested by the Federal District Military Police (PMDF) after crashing her BMW X4 – which costs R$500,000 – into a Fiat Uno parked in the Southwest on May 7 seems to be far from over now he walks in the field court. That’s because, according to the owner of the car that crashed, the reporter would refuse to pay for the repairs to his car.

“The girl explained to me very clearly that she will not pay for the car. First, he came here, I asked for R$15,000 and he said he would pay me. After a week, the boy sent by him called saying that he had to go to court because he won’t pay,” reveals Jair Gasparin, owner of Uno.

Since then, Jair claims to suffer losses every day due to the impossibility of using the car. “I made R$ 500 a day with lunch delivered to me in my car”, he points out. “It’s a joke. They hit my car and they don’t want to pay”.


one was destroyed
PM found alcohol in the car

BMW involved in an accident in the South West

According to the Military Police, the driver took a breath test, which found that he was drunk (0.4 milligrams of alcohol per liter of exhaled air). Officers found a bottle of gin in the back seat of the car. According to the army, the driver had slurred speech, red eyes and was very aggressive. His 19-year-old girlfriend had the same symptoms.

According to First Sergeant Diogo Trindade, the two cursed and attacked the MPs. “In addition to cursing, the driver claimed that the father had the money to buy all of Brasília”, he said at the time.

“I don’t understand that if he said that his father bought Brasília, that he was a millionaire, why didn’t he pay until now? It’s old Uno”, accuses Jair.

at the time of the accident

Images from security cameras recorded when Mariana Rosa Santos de Souza crashed into the BMW X4 she was driving in the Fiat Uno. In the pictures, it is possible to see a car traveling at high speed and collided with Uno, which was parked.

BMW is in the name of the girl’s father, a businessman from DF.

Watch the video:

On the other side

The young woman reported in a video posted on social media that she was not drunk at the time of the incident. Mariana claims, in the video, that she was not drunk, and that the story was not fully told. “There are many bad things about it. I crashed the car myself, and this all happened for real. The breathalyzer gave 0.4mg, but I was not drunk”.

The young woman claims that another car was parked in a way that disturbed her during the corner. “Another car was parked a little behind, and I took a corner at 80km/h. I knew I could make the turn, but if I had a car parked on the wrong way,” he says.

The driver was with his girlfriend at the time of the accident, and claimed that he faced hostility from the police.

In addition, Mariana says in the video that since the police disrespected her, she also disrespected them. “The policeman could not even catch me, he attacked me. I was very hurt, I was arrested, they did the same to my boyfriend, they were disrespectful. So I treated them the same,” he reports.