Access to Clean Water for Residents of Noemeto Village, NTT

Water pattern. ©Shutterstock/silver-john

Author: Free – Ganjar Millennium Center (GMC) volunteers visited Noemeto Village, Soe City District, Central South Timor (TTS) State, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT). GMC provides support for water storage facilities to increase the availability and access to clean and safe water for the community.

“We from GMC provided the support of three fresh water ponds in the form of 500 liters of fiber to the residents of Noemeto Village,” said Nasrin as the Regional Coordinator of GMC NTT, Friday (26/5).

“We also want to prevent contamination and pollution of stored water by providing a safe and closed storage area,” he added.

He hopes that the help provided can be used as effectively as possible by the local villagers.

“I hope it will be beneficial to the community for the benefit of all. We thank the ladies and gentlemen who have accepted us and met us,” said Nasrin.

At the same time, Julius Tamonob as the Head of GMC TTS listened to the expectations of the villagers who had water problems because some of the aid from the village government was temporarily destroyed and the surrounding community had problems collecting water.

“In the future, there are hopes and prayers from the local community in Noemuke Village that the Ganjar Millennium Center will contribute to help,” he said.

Samgar Kian, as the Village Head of Noemeto, appreciated the support from the GMC volunteers.

“As the head of the village, I am ready to give help to the community so that it can be used and I hope it will benefit the community,” said Samgar.