ABT upgrades the VW ID.Buzz range with solar support!

ABT upgrades the VW ID.Buzz range with solar support!

The company ABT Sportsline in Kempten is known for the intervention and improvement of various VW models. Over the years these interventions have been related to their appearance and performance.

Following the -forced- conditions of the times, ABT created the E-Line department which specializes in electric vehicles and… their improvement. It was this department that made a decisive intervention in identification. Buzz, installing solar panels on the roof.

These, according to ABT, can produce up to 600 Watts of electricity, while there are now ideas to put panels on the side of the car as well, increasing the energy produced to 1,000 Watts.

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According to ABT, that energy can be used to charge the battery while the car is parked or even moving, which can provide an extra up to 3,000 kilometers per year, at little to no cost.

But solar panels can be more useful when camping, as the energy they generate can be used to power interior lighting, laptops, tablets, refrigerators and other devices, saving energy from the car battery.

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The ABT e-Line solar roof is not just a concept, as it will go into production as early as 2024. At the moment the company has not revealed the cost of the solar panels and their conversion!