Abarth: not only 500, other cars are coming to compete with Cupra and Alpine?

Abarth: not only 500, other cars are coming to compete with Cupra and Alpine?

Abarth in the coming years it is destined to play an important role in the line-up of the Stellantis group despite the inevitable transition of the entire group to electric vehicles. The same fate will also befall them scorpion automaker which will specialize in the development of high-performance electric vehicles. According to the latest rumors from the web there is a high possibility that the scorpion series goes. more than 500 as happened recently.

Here are the latest rumors to hit the web about the future of Abarth

First of all the website A passion for Italian cars says he is convinced that a new version of the Abarth will arrive in 2024 The new Fiat 600, the car of which in the last few hours we have shown you the first spy shots of a hidden model. This model should arrive one year after the Fiat version and have an electric motor of approx Horse power 230 – 240 which we will probably get again in a more improved version also in a higher variant of the future. Alfa Romeo B-SUV which we have always told you about today.

Abarth: Here’s what the latest rumor leaked on the web has to say about the future of the scorpion house.

The return of the Abarth 500e, as expected by the CEO Francois himself, more versions of this car will come in the future, more powerful than the one presented in recent days by the car manufacturer Stellantis. Finally, more leaks leaked in recent days by a member of the Autopareri forum say that in the future of the scorpion house there may also be a place for non-derived cars. from Fiat.

It is not clear which brand we are talking about but it is said that they will be very sporty cars. These include a coupé and an SUV coupé that Abarth will try to compete with such big rivals Cupra and Alpine. We remind you that at the moment these are simple rumors and therefore we are waiting for official confirmation to arrive from Stellantis group.

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