Abarth 500e: The electric “Scorpion” presented

Abarth 500e: The electric “Scorpion” presented

The Abarth 500e is an innovative product, which has been discussed on social media since it was launched last November and therefore needs to be analyzed in a more intelligent and detailed way.

It is actually one of the most modern 500 e, with further technical and aesthetic improvements to one of the most impressive electronics of the time. Morphological development of the young Fiatfrom 500 in the 500e, it is one of the most successful styling challenges of all time, with an exterior and a new, better finished, wider and more modern passenger compartment. With his touch Abartheverything is a click away.

The power of the Abarth 500e, like all EVs, is quick to respond, which is opposed to the slight scarcity and low homogeneity of the gasoline engine. This especially helps to get out of the corners quickly, thanks to the immediate downshift transmission in the face of dead times of the manual gearbox.

Perhaps, with its beginnings in the electric world, Abarth could have dared more, such as a 300 hp engine with a sliding function, easy to say, but more difficult in terms of design and budget.

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