Abandoned by her lover and pregnant before marriage, Denise Chariesta cries and confesses that she has been hit by karma.

KALTENGLIMA.COM – Denise Chariesta has never been left out of controversy in the world of entertainment.

After ending her relationship with her husband with initials RD, now Denise Chariesta has been left by her lover, JK, pregnant with two children.

Although it was accepted in front of Doctor Richard Lee, it seems that JK and Denise Chariesta were interested in getting married.

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“Initially I wanted to get married. (The fetus was in the womb), yes, it is his child, JK’s child,” said Denise, quoted from the TikTok account @apasajapo, Friday (26/5/2023).

In the video, Dr. Richard Lee seemed in disbelief and once again revealed the news that Denise Chariesta was pregnant.

The misfortune that happened to Denise made Dr. Richard Lee touched on the karma that Internet users often reveal to him.

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“Nis, I’ll say it right away, so the netizens say everything, this is karma completely paid,” he said. Richard Lee.

“If you say karma, I agree honestly because what I did in the past was wrong, right because it hurt people a lot,” Denise replied.

“Maybe a lot of what is seen on camera, maybe even a lot of what is not seen on camera, are my actions that hurt other people,” he added.

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“Are you really pregnant?” asked Dr. Richard Lee.

“It’s true if I’m lying, where’s the lie,” answered Denise.