A101 27 MAY 2023 AKTEL RNLER CATALOG ||  28 May 2023 A101 Original Product

A101 27 MAY 2023 AKTEL RNLER CATALOG || 28 May 2023 A101 Original Product

Tuesday, May 27, 2023 The stars of the week A101 attracted many people again. In addition, A101’s special Ramadan gift card offers convenient and secure shopping for those in need. You can get the A101 gift card as a gift card from the market or as an e-code that you can send to your phone via SMS. If A101 Aktel is on the list on 26 May 2023; APEC 125 CC Petrol Motorcycle is attention grabbing. This product will be available in A101 stores and a101.com.tr A101 online. So, what’s on A101 this week? Here is the A101 Original Product Catalog May 27, 2023!

The original A101 products prepared for Thursday, May 27, were placed on the market. Genuine A101 products are on the list this week; There are amazing discounts on products such as Casati brand paints, silicone wall paints, ceiling paints and hobby paints, Fritz Air Fryer, Vertical Scrubber, Sofa and Carpet Washing Machine, Professional Charged Hair Clipper, factory produced Dyo’s color.
This week on A101; Technology products, White goods, Household Electrical Appliances, Modern Home Appliances, Glassware and Kitchenware, Home Textiles and Clothing Items will be sold at discounted prices.

On the first page of the list, which was prepared for the label A101 Gold and Gold, there are televisions of 5 different prices and sizes. Those products are; ONVO 65″ Ultra HD Android Smart Led Tv 9.199 TL, HI-LEVEL 55′ Ultra HD WebOS Smart Led Tv 7.499 TL, HI-LEVEL 43′ Full HD WebOS Smart Led Tv 4.599 TL, Toshiba 43′ UHD Android Led Tv 6.99 TL and 6.99 ONVO 32′ Leading Satellite TV will be sold for 2.299 TL.

In the continuation of the electronic products in the A101 range, Reeder S19 Max Pro Mobile Phone with fingerprint reader and facial recognition system, 6.7 inch screen, 4 GB RAM, 128 GB memory and 2 years warranty 3499 TL, ORBUS Neon Tape Light ORBUS Light. 129 TL, GoSmart TWS Bluetooth Headset will be sold for 119 TL, Lecoo Gaming Mouse for 159 TL and Lecoo Ear top Wired Gaming Headset for 199 TL.

In the White Eye group; Flavel 6 KG washing machine with 15 minute wash cycle, Flavel 6 KG washing machine for 1000 cycles 5099 TL, Eco 5 program Flavel Dishwasher 5499 TL, 313 liters Flavel No-Frost Refrigerator 8399 TL, SEG 100 3 Liters will wait for the Water Heater9 TL. instructions.

In household electrical appliances in the list of current products of A101; ONVO Yasz Fritz AirFryer 2199 TL, Kiwi Chair and Carpet Washing Machine 1,899 TL, Arzum Starry Hand Blender Set 629 TL, Fantom Carbon Vertical Sprge 699 TL, Kiwi Glass Water Istc 289 TL, Arzum 5 Hand Blender Set 629 TL. , Aprilla Ear & Nose Hair Clipper 32.95 TL, Aprilla Professional Arjl Hair Clipper will be available in A101 market branches for 289 TL.

In the Glassware and Kitchen group products in the A101 catalog prepared for Thursday; Cem Nero Deep Pot 199.95 TL, Cem Nero Pan 99.95 TL, Cem Nero Bask Pot 199.95 TL, Thermos 79.95 TL, Silicone Handle Peeler 14.95 TL, Silicone Handle Bowl Grater 22.50 TL, Upper Bray TL 0.00 9 Bray TL, 9 Bray TL. k Set 19.95 TL, Hascevher Crepe Pan 79.95 TL,

Flask with Infuser 24.95 TL, Silicone-Based Ice Box 12.95 TL, Food Container 27.50 TL, Cabinet Organizer Shelf 15.95 TL, Metal Cupboard Organizer Shelf 24.95 TL, Plastic Organizer Series 12.50TL Organizer 50r Refrige TL, Refrigerable TL 50r. 9.95 TL, Silicone Serving Tools 39.95 TL, Picnic Basket 24.95 TL, Ceramic 4 Para Porcelain Cup Set 99.95 TL, Luminarc Trianon Series Plates 24.95 TL will be sold as

There are 3 different armchairs among the furniture items in A101 this week. Vivense Polya basal L-shaped armchair with box is 5990 TL, Vivense Alkon basal L-shaped armchair with box is 5990 TL, and Vivense Zaden sofa is 4490 TL.

Appliances, Repairs, Repairs and Paint Products in the A101 18 May catalog and products listed in the campaign as Multi-Purpose Home Appliances are; Roboom Large ABS Suitcase 599 TL, Roboom Medium size ABS Suitcase 499 TL, Roboom Small ABS Suitcase 349 TL, Casati Sinergia 10 Kg Silicone Plastic Wall Color 179.95 TL, Casati Sinergia 10 Kg TL29 Hobby Ceiling. .95 TL, Ladder 349.95 TL, Trolley 449 TL,

Slim 12 Gzl Organizer 29.95 TL, Screwdriver 7 Piece Set 59.95 TL, Attachment 59.95 TL, Portable Roller Extension Cable 249.95 TL, Trmk – Head Scissors – atal apa 34.95 TL TL 19 Price, Single TL 5 TL, Selsil Transparent Type Silicone 24.95 TL, Selsil Double Component Epoxy Adhesive 44.95 TL, Tesla AAA Alkaline Thin Pen Battery 4pcs 39.95 TL, Tesla AA Alkaline Pen Battery ‘l 39.95 TL, Selsil Ultra Tack TL2 space for 5 ml of Yapt9. .

Within the scope of Clothing and Apparel products of the A101 Product Catalog 18 May 2023 Actel; Fan Licensed Pique 149 TL, Fan Licensed Single Cart Set 149 TL, Fan Licensed Krlent 59.95 TL, Rug 100150 cm 119 TL, Silk&Blue Mens and Womens 3-Half Cone, TL9 Sports Stocking 5.

Silk&Blue Girls’ and Boys’ 3-pack Booties 24.95 TL, Silk&Blue Women’s 5-packs Booties 39.95 TL, Silk&Blue Men’s Patterned Boxer 29.95 TL, Silk&Blue 5-packs of Men’s Booties 39.95 TL, Silk&Blue 5-packs of Men’s Booties 39.95 TL Slick 10, Men’s Polo Collar Tirt will be 79.95 TL, Women’s JUNO Slippers will be 49.95 TL, Girls’ JUNO Slippers will be 44.95 TL.