A week in pictures: Primo, Spy/Master, XO, Kitty and more…

A week in pictures: Primo, Spy/Master, XO, Kitty and more…


Week: May 15, 2023 – May 21, 2023

Come with us and see what awaits us in the world of the series in the next week and what you will not miss.

Key Ingredients

What series are you most looking forward to this week?

Steeltown Massacre (BBC One, new)

The series focuses on the search for the killer of three young women, which takes place in 1973 and the beginning of the new millennium, comparing the police methods of the 1970s with the investigative innovations of the beginning of the new millennium.

The Tower (ITV, Series 2)

An experienced police officer and a young girl fall from a tower block in south-east London. A five-year-old boy and a junior police officer, Lizzie Adama, will survive on the roof. A few hours later, Lizzie disappears and Detective Sarah Collins is put in charge of the investigation. Not only must he find Lizzie before she dies, but he must also uncover the truth behind a pair of suspicious deaths. What sequence of events brought two policemen and two children to the roof of the apartment building in question? Why did two of them die? And why did two survive?

The miniseries is based on the novel by former police officer Kate London.

Waterloo Road (BBC One, series 12)

British high school series. It tells about the problems and successes of students, teachers and other staff at Waterloo Road Private High School.

High Desert (Apple TV+, new)

Peggy is a recovering addict who decides to start a new life after her mother’s death. This also coincides with a major career change – Peggy becomes a private eye.

House of Sound (Nickelodeon, Season 6)

Lincoln Loud is an eleven-year-old boy who lives in the same house with his ten sisters – old Lori; not very smart, but beautiful blonde Leni; future rock star Luna; comedian Luan; strong athlete Lynn; there is Lucy; twins with different personalities, Lola and Lana; genius Lisa and baby Lily. Being the only son in the family, Lincoln tries to survive in this environment and come up with ideas on how to keep order in this chaotic household.

McGregor Forever (Netflix, new)

An exciting documentary series about the controversial career of mixed martial arts fighter Conor McGregor, who was known for his brutality and outspoken opinions.

Working: What We Do Every Day (Netflix, new)

One just needs payment. For others it is a mission. The documentary series explores the meaning of work for modern Americans in today’s turbulent times.

Silverpoint (BBC, Series 2)

Four children at the Silverpoint adventure camp in 1997 encounter a mysterious object in the forest that destroys their lives and the world around them.

The Stallone Family (Paramount+, new)

A reality show that follows legendary actor Sylvester Stallone and his wife and daughters as they live their daily lives.

Kitty Katz (Netflix, new)

Three teenage girls transform into intrepid cat heroes. The mission: to save the world from the clutches of the Egyptian goddess, but not to neglect football training.

La Unidad (Movistar Plus+, series 3)

The arrest of the most wanted terrorist, Salah Al Garheeb, has sparked outrage from his supporters, who are threatening more terror attacks if Salah is not released. A secret police unit is assembled for the sole task of preventing and preventing terrorist attacks.

Rainn Wilson and the Geography of Bliss (, new)

The main character of the documentary is an intrepid broadcaster and traveler Rainn Wilson, who travels the world in search of the secrets of the happiest and poorest places in the world.

XO, Kitty (Netflix, New)

Young sweetheart Kitty Song Covey thinks she knows everything about love. But when she moves halfway across the world to reunite with her long-distance lover, she soon discovers that relationships are more complicated when your heart is on the line.

The series is a synopsis of the film series To all the boys I’ve loved.

Yakitori: Soldier of Fortune (Netflix, new)

Earth has been taken over by an advanced alien civilization. And so the only thing Akira can do for his future is to join the army as a replaceable yakitori soldier.

Young, Famous and African (Netflix, Season 2)

The reality show follows a group of young media stars and tycoons in Johannesburg as they build careers, find love and rekindle old relationships.

El silencio (Netflix, new)

Sergio Ciscar has been silent since he killed his parents. After six years, he is released from prison and enters a special program run by a psychiatrist who will try to find out what caused Sergio’s silence.

Selling Sunset (Netflix, Season 6)

An elite team sells luxury homes in Los Angeles. Now a new member joins it, causing chaos.

Primo (Freevee, new)

A teenage boy from San Antonio juggles college aspirations, social expectations, and a busy home life supported by a single mother and five uncles.

Based on the life of Shea Serrano.

Spy/Teacher (HBO Max, new)

The series follows a week in the life of Victor Godeanu, Nicolae Ceaușescu’s right-hand man. But he is also a double agent for the West and now he must escape before his identity is revealed. His only chance is a diplomatic trip to Germany, from where he will try to reach America with the help of allies. Not only does he have to evade the Romanian agents and the KGB, he has to hide everything so that his family will not be prosecuted after the rebellion.

Stillwater (Apple TV+, Season 3)

Children with common childhood problems have the wise Stillwater panda as their neighbor. Through his example, Stillwater allows them to gain a deeper understanding of their feelings and also gives them tools to help them face their own challenges.

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