A timeless design icon: the Audi TT turns 25 years old

A timeless design icon: the Audi TT turns 25 years old

Twenty-five years, three generations: The brand with four rings made history design together with Audi TT.

Since its debut in 1998, this sports car has attracted people around the world thanks to the driving pleasure it promises drivers and its clear design philosophy. “Automatic Europe» named the best new car of the year in 1999.

In the mid-1990s, The Audi A8 out luxury category uploaded it Audi at a high level and this gradually led to the changing of the name of the column: The Audi 80 was done Audi A4 and Audi 100 has been renamed Audi A6. The A4, introduced in 1994, was the first model to incorporate the brand’s new design identity. Follow it payment compact A3, released in 1996, and its second generation A6, in 1997. In the space of design evolution, the American manufacturer Freeman Thomasunder the Head of Planning at that time Peter Schreyerhe created a true sports car, the Audi TT Revolutionit is. THE Audi presented a design study to an enthusiastic audience at the Frankfurt International Motor Show (IAA) in September 1995. The name “TT” symbolic, reminiscent of a story A tourist Trophy inside of On the island of A manone of the oldest motor sports events in the world, which NSU and DKW they had celebrated great success with their motorcycles. Name “TT” is also reminiscent of sports NSU TT of the 1960s. The deliberate removal of Audi TT Revolutionis from the common nomenclature Audi he emphasized the complete innovation of the model.

Two anniversaries in one year: H Audi Hungary celebrates around Audi TT

Its production line TT Revolutionstarted in 1998. A year later, the Audi he submitted TT Roadster. Like the original and of Audi A3 launched in 1996, the sports car was based on its crossover platform VW Golf IV. From the beginning, TT was developed by Audi Hungary Engine Kft. in Hungary. Painted TT bodies were shipped overnight by rail out Ingolstadt inside of Gyher, where the final meeting followed. This method of cross-factory production Ingolstadt and Gyher it was unique in the automotive industry at the time. THE Audi Hungarywholly owned subsidiary Audi AGis also celebrating 30 years since 2023. Founded in February 1993, initially as an engine manufacturing plant, Audi Hungary held its meeting Audi TT in 1998, in collaboration with his factory Ingolstadt. In 2013, the Hungarian company became a full-fledged car factory. Since its inception, Audi Hungary it has manufactured more than 43 million engines and nearly two million vehicles.

Maximum engine in Audi TT the first generation was wide and of course always sporty. The TT the first generation, for example, had four cylinders turbo engines with power from 150 to 225 PS and the engine V6 to 250 PS. At the top of the engine range was a four-cylinder inboard Audi TT four Sports, which reached 240 hp and 1,168 sales. Its first generation customers TT They had many options when choosing special equipment. In addition to such unique colors Papaya Orange or Nogaro Bluecustomers can prepare TT and special equipment installed in the factory. For example, the “baseball glove” design for its leather seats Audi TT Roadster, which was previously an eye-catcher on the prototype model, entered the production line. In eight years of production, 178,765 were built Audi TT Revolutionis the first generation (Type 8N) until the middle of 2006. Exactly 90,733 Audi TT Roadster were manufactured between 1999 and 2006.

In the second generation of its kind TT expands to include offerings RS

In the following two generations, the designers maintained their emphasis on essentials as the main design principle, which is seen, for example, in the minimal exterior design and the luxurious, driver-oriented interior. The round shape and circular motifs remained typical features of the model and were the connecting elements between the exterior and the interior. design. For example, in the hood of the aluminum fuel tank, the round air vents, the ring on the base of the switch and the characteristic lever.

The TT the second generation was released in 2006 (Revolutioné) and in 2007 (Roadster) and based on its platform Audi A3 second generation. For the first time, shock absorbers were used with their magnetic suspension Audi. This technology, available as an option, adjusts the shock absorbers to the road profile and the driver’s individual style. In 2008, sports TTS it was powered by a 2 liter engine turbo and 272 PSwhile a year later it followed TT RS and five cylinders turbo 2.5 liter engine with 340 PS and 360 PS inside of Audi TT RS together. In 2008, a brand with four rings launched TT 2.0 TDI four – the world’s first production sports car with a diesel engine.

Its third generation Audi TT released in 2014 – and once again, the Audi he tried to lose more weight. The TT Revolutioné, with a 2.0 engine TFSI and manual transmission, it weighed just 1,230 kg, up to 50 kg lighter than its predecessor. For information TT and TT RSthe designers redefined the previously unknown lines TT since 1998, in modern times. They enriched them with many powerful details, while the round hood of the fuel tank with the usual letters TT it remained unchanged throughout the generations. Most of the profile details are also deliberately reminiscent of the first generation model. In technical terms, TT The third generation produced several innovations. For example, this model marked its beginning Audi online cockpita suite of highly detailed digital instruments, customizable skins that replaced analog instruments and screens. MM. In 2016, a new era of lighting technology in the automotive industry began Audi TT RStime Audi used organically LEDsknown as technology OLED, for the first time. The engine range of the sports car is also interesting: The top model was previously Audi TTS with a 2 liter engine turbo and 310 PSwhile the year 2016 follows TT RS2 and five cylinders turbo 2.5 liter engine, one of the most exciting models that the brand with four rings has to offer. And 400 PS, an engine with a unique sporty sound, has been awarded ‘International Engine of the Year’ nine times in a row. With a special edition Audi TT RS Revolutionit’s iconic versionwhich is available to Nardo Gray and is limited to 100 units, h Audi combines high design with the technology elements of its 25-year history Audi TTto celebrate this anniversary this year.