A new traffic light that rewards safe driving – carzine.gr

A new traffic light that rewards safe driving – carzine.gr

Most drivers approaching the school zone may slow down or maintain their current speed. The Canadian town of Brossard, outside Montreal, has come up with a way to encourage drivers to slow down with a new traffic light.

Known as FRED which stands for “traffic obstacle training light”, the light remains red but changes to green when it detects that the speed of an approaching vehicle is below the speed limit.

If the vehicle is approaching the speed limit, the light remains red, forcing the driver to slow down or even stop.

Lights of this type are already used in some countries in Europe and help significantly to reduce accidents not only near schools but also in parts of cities where the speed must be low.

As experts say, where this traffic light excels is that it rewards good driving behavior and really immediately. It is not a camera that records excessive speed or finesse.

There are already ideas to create a large network of such traffic lights in large cities to reduce anti-social behavior and speed.