A new era at Lexus will begin with the NX SUV

Lexus has started producing the second generation NX model, which will open the doors to a new era for the brand, in Turkey. The Lexus D-SUV NX 2.5L hybrid is priced at 1.6 million TL, and the 2.5L hybrid model is priced at 2.4 million TL. Lexus Turkey CEO Ali Haydar Bozkurt said, “We are entering a process where we will increase our numbers within the framework of the ‘brand attack plan. The reason for this plan is that the Lexus brand will offer new products suitable for the Turkish market in the future. “Lexus is in the process of a major global transformation, and this strategic transformation begins with the Lexus NX in terms of products.”

20 new types are coming

Saying that Lexus has opened a new page with this international change, Bozkurt said;

“Lexus is launching a push to launch with 20 new or revised products to offer by 2025. In this context, the architecture of our brand is being modified with the vision of “Making Luxury Personal”. In addition to the service approach, it is planned to provide models suitable for different markets in products. We will see this impact further in the products that will be released in the coming period. We will offer 9 model options in many different segments. Although we currently cover 11% of the premium segment with our current product range, we aim to increase this level to 20% by the end of 2023 and new products to come.

Cities increase

Referring to the brand’s new five-year strategy in Turkey, Bozkurt said, “Our goal is to achieve more sales than the previous year every year. If there is no problem with availability, we strive to close the year with a higher number than last year. Next year, we plan to increase our number significantly with new launches. In the second five years, we are building our strategy to take over other cities besides Ankara and Istanbul. We are in talks to expand our model in İzmir, Adana, Antalya and Bursa.” Lexus will start a full electric offensive with the RZ SUV model and will develop a range of electric products in all segments by 2030.

New NX 100km distance

The new NX is 20mm longer, 20mm wider and 5mm taller than the first generation NX. It has a volume of 545 liters when the rear seats are in their normal position, and 1436 liters when the rear seats are folded. The car was offered for sale in 2 options, the full hybrid 350h and the plug-in hybrid NX 450h+. The car, which has a full hybrid engine, produces 244 HP and generates 24 percent more power than the first generation NX 300h and emits 10 percent less CO2. It has an average fuel consumption of 5.9 lt/100 km. The hybrid system of Lexus’ first hybrid model, the NX 450h+, also combines a 2.5-liter 4-cylinder hybrid engine with a 134 kW front engine and a 40 kW rear engine. The NX 450h+ produces 309 HP, completing the 0-100 km/h acceleration in 6.3 seconds. While the car has an electric range of 69-76 km on average in mixed use, it can travel up to 98 km in the city with only the electric engine, depending on the version. The battery can be recharged after 2.5 hours.