A Man Buys a BMW SUV, Weeps About the Price of Tires: “Cars Are Not Expensive, Maintenance Is”

A Man Buys a BMW SUV, Weeps About the Price of Tires: “Cars Are Not Expensive, Maintenance Is”

  • A man bought a car without considering the price of its spare parts, he was shocked when he wanted to buy tires
  • The man took to TikTok to share his cry, saying he didn’t know buying an SUV was like this.
  • The online community reacted to the video, with many finding it hilarious

A man who proudly bought a BMW X5 cried when he realized how much his tires cost.

A man cried over the price of tires for his BMW SUV. Photo: @Shaunl/ Getty Images, @reubs1979/ TikTok
Source: UGC

@reubs1979 used his TikTok account to share his cry. In the photo post, he captured his white BMW SUV with a caption expressing his frustration.

“I’m buying an X5, not knowing the price of the tires.”

What does the BWM X5 have to offer?

TUKO.co.ke conducted a car study, and it is not less than KSh 3.5m for a used car in the country. The BMW X5 has a powerful engine, is spacious, and also has the best driver assistance setup. All the parking assistance you could need comes as standard.

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In addition, it has heated cups, a Bowers and Wilkins sound system, a TV in the back, massage seats in the front and real laser lights.

How much do the parts cost?

With any car, one has to consider many factors, including the cost of car parts. It’s no secret that cars are a responsibility and must be taken care of, and they won’t stay clean forever.

As the years go by, they will lose their spark, and a part or two may need to be replaced. As an owner, you need to be prepared for that.

In the case of the BMW SUV owned by TikTokker, unfortunately, its parts are very expensive because the car is one of a kind. One can know by its features and price. According to our research, the BMW X5 tire does not go below KSh 37,000.

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A man cries over the price of a BMW SUV tire

Check out the funny TikTok post below:

A man bought a BMW X5 without considering the price of its parts.
A man cried about the price of tires for his BMW. Photo: @reubs1979
Source: UGC

TikTokkers found the video hilarious

The video has over 700k views, with many netizens finding it hilarious.

@Pst_mlu21 laughed:

“Wait until the motor plan is completed, you will cry differently”

@Kevin Miguel Vougn shared:

“Cars are not very expensive, but maintenance is”

@chrismxo1 relates:

“Lol 5 years ago. went to change Fortuna tires and cheap brand cost 12k”

@Xollow suggested:

“Get tire insurance, I claim two every year.”

Lady buys a new BMW for a best friend

In another story, TUKO.co.ke reported on a woman who warmed hearts when she surprised her best friend with a brand new BMW, all paid for.

Sharing a video of the car accident on TikTok, @its_vina89 noted that he and the woman had been close friends for 16 years.

Source: In short.co.za