80% of 4 car sales in Brazil depend on companies

80% of 4 car sales in Brazil depend on companies

In the process of buying and selling brand new cars in Brazil, there are two ways: direct sales to legal entities (ie companies) and PCD drivers or retail sales through dealers. Commercial vehicles, in general, rely almost 100% on this condition, but what about passenger vehicles?

Using data provided by courage and calculated by automatic+, some cars sold in Brazil are more dependent on companies and PCD public than it seems. Today, 94% of Volkswagen Saveiro sales in the period from January to April were made through direct sales. This means that only 589 people went to the dealer to buy a Saveiro.

It is worth noting that the Volkswagen Compact pickup had 10,594 units sold this year in Brazil. Another truck ranks second among models that rely on direct sales: the Chevrolet S10. 9,004 units were sold in 2023, 7,849 of them in order with reduced taxes.

Volkswagen Saveiro Cross CD [divulgação]

More than 80 percent of the reliability of the model, we still have Renault Logan with 722 units sold in 2023. However, of these, only 109 people walked into a Renault dealer and bought a Logan without being a PCD or a company. Even so, 85% of compact sedan sales are automatic.

The Peugeot 208, which was surprised by strong sales growth in Brazil, also relies heavily on direct sales. Sealed in rental companies, this model sold 80% of its units to companies or people with disabilities. There were 5,070 units of this model, out of a total of 6,365 Peugeot 208s sold in 2023.

Chevrolet S10 Midnight [divulgação]

Within the survey conducted by automatic+, we have 25 vehicles whose direct sales represent more than 50% of the volume registered between January and April. They are, with their percentage of direct sales representation: Volkswagen Saveiro (94%), Chevrolet S10 (87%), Renault Logan (85%), Peugeot 208 (80%) and Fiat Toro (76%) in the top 5. .

The list continues with Chevrolet Spin (73%), Jeep Compass (71%), Fiat Mobi (69%), Fiat Cronos (69%), Jeep Commander (69%), Fiat Strada (67%), Renault Oroch (66) . %), Fiat Argo (64%), Volkswagen Amarok (64%), Chevrolet Onix Plus (62%), Jeep Renegade (61%), Citroën C4 Cactus (60%), Hyundai HB20 (58%), Toyota Yaris Sedan (58%), Nissan Frontier (57%), Renault Duster (55%), Volkswagen Gol (53%), Nissan Sentra (53%), Renault Kwid (53%) and Hyundai HB20S (52%).

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