8 used cars that few people care about, cost from R$ 15,000 and are a good deal |  Used and Used

8 used cars that few people care about, cost from R$ 15,000 and are a good deal | Used and Used

When was the last time you heard of a Volkswagen Fox or a Mitsubishi Lancer? It’s probably been a few years, right? But despite being discontinued, these two models are attractive options for used cars.

individual game mentioned here eight examples that they are not very memorable, but they can make happy those who are looking for a used or used car – whether for an attractive purchase price, for a different proposition or to meet family or work needs.

Spoiler: some of the models on the list are notoriously bad. Despite the lack of visual characteristics, they can be very large. Take a look:

Chevrolet Cobalt costs more than R$ 50 thousand on the table – Photo: Disclosure

  • Engine: 1.4 of 106 hp and 13.9 kgfm or 1.8 of 111 hp and 17.7 kgfm
  • Exchange: manual, 5 or 6 gears or automatic, 6 gears
  • Fipe table: from BRL 50,278 (LTZ 1.4 2016) to BRL 74,309 (LTZ 1.8 AT 2020)

For the renovation was done at the end of 2015, the Cobalt was just a very roomy sedan and looked unattractive. The facelift, however, not only improved the modern style, but also reduced the criticism of the design. But great virtues were maintained. With the size of a mid-size sedan and the price of a compact model, it appealed to large families and taxi drivers..

O wheelbase of 2.62 m and 563 liters of trunk They were (and still are) unbeatable in this price range. In addition, the sedan has the reliability of the 1.4 and 1.8 engines. Our recommendation is for the version with the more powerful engine and six-speed automatic transmission. With BRL 65 thousand, it is possible to buy 2018 models with less than 100 thousand kilometers..

The second generation Chevrolet Montana has a controversial Agile look – Photo: Disclosure

  • Engine: 1.4 out of 99 hp and 13 kgfm
  • Exchange: manual, 5 gears
  • Fipe table: from BRL 35,210 (LS 2011) to BRL 68,728 (Sport 2020)

No, we are still not talking about pre-owned units of the new Montana, but the second generation, sold between 2011 and 2020. The mini truck was based on the controversial Agilethat’s why he also inherited a questionable build that earned him funny nicknames.

Additionally, Montana It has always been a good choice for heavy liftingto highlight 1,100 liter bucket and the good one carrying capacity – 758 kg. The pickup also shared an engine with the aforementioned Cobalt (and nearly all of Chevrolet’s national lineup from the 2010s). for work, we recommend the LS version – you can find units from 2017 or 2018 with air conditioning and a price around R$ 50 thousand..

Fiat Idea has three engine options: 1.4, 1.6 and 1.8 – Image: Disclosure

  • Engine: 1.4 of 81 hp and 12.4 kgfm, 1.6 of 117 hp and 16.8 kgfm and 1.8 of 132 hp and 18.9 kgfm
  • Exchange: manual or automatic, 5 gears
  • Fipe table: from BRL 20,703 (ELX 1.4 2006) to BRL 50,467 (Adventure Locker 1.8 2016)

We have already brought it here individual game used Fiat Idea buying guide. Now, the Fiat minivan is back as an understated option for those looking for a family car and don’t want to spend a lot of money.

The slightly old-fashioned look and good interior space – especially for the head – are the biggest draws, as performance and utility are not the Fiat Idea’s strengths. Released between 2006 and 2016, there is an extensive list of versions and prices. Seniors cost around $20,000.while the latest ones are close to R$ 60 thousand. We recommend the middle mode, for post facelift 2010 models with a 1.6 engine and a price around R$ 40 thousand..

The 1st generation Hyundai Tucson was sold in Brazil for almost 15 years – Photo: Disclosure

  • Engine: 2.0 of 146 hp and 19.6 kgfm or V6 2.7 of 175 hp and 24.6 kgfm
  • Exchange: manual, 5 gears or automatic, 4 gears
  • Fipe table: from BRL 26,392 (2005) to BRL 96,633 (2019)

A species of the Highlands of South Korea Hyundai Tucson survived for many years with the same body and almost the same equipment. It was launched in 2005 and sold until 2019, when the exterior was ready two more modern generationsA good old SUV is today an affordable option for those who want interior space and comfort, but don’t care about the project’s age or fuel consumption.

In all those years, the Tucson was offered with an engine 2.0 four cylinder or V6 2.7. None of them can be considered economical, but the first has cheap parts. In any case, the SUV with a length of 4.32 m and a wheelbase of 2.63 m has a good space and takes an excellent 528 liters in the trunk. For BRL 60,000, you can get 2016 GLS models with less than 100,000 km.

The final version of the Mitsubishi Lancer produced and sold in Brazil — Photo: Disclosure

  • Engine: 2.0 of 160 hp and 20.1 kgfm or 2.0 turbo of 285 hp and 37.3 kgfm
  • Exchange: manual, 5-speed, dual-clutch automatic, 6-speed or CVT
  • Fipe table: from BRL 45,085 (automatic 2.0 2011) to BRL 198,767 (Evolution X 2015)

The Mitsubishi sedan is another solid model on our list. The last generation was released from 2011 to 2020 and you didn’t object to the near disappearance of the middle part of the sedan, out of line. So much so that he resigned without leaving a successor. Loved by rally fans around the world, the Lancer always pleased with the handling and the option of all-wheel drivesomething rare in the area.

But if you just want a polished look and not all the complexity of a system on a car with almost ten years of use, the most adequate option is for versions with front-wheel drive and the expected 2.0 engine. In this case, with BRL 60,000, less than the new Renault Kwid, you can get a well-preserved 2016 Lancers.

Renault Duster 4×4 had the best set of SUV engines – Photo: Disclosure

  • Engine: 2.0 of 142 hp and 20.9 kgfm
  • Exchange: manual, 6 gears
  • Fipe Table: from BRL 47,126 (Dynamique 2012) to BRL 84,588 (GoPro 2020)

It is true that Duster with 4×4 traction cannot cope with big adventures, but the rarest version of an SUV. it is fully capable of overcoming slippery or sandy surfaces, for example. And the best thing is that this is the best configuration and set of first-generation machines: 2.0 naturally aspirated engine and six-speed manual transmission.

Duster 4×4 is rare because it only existed in the first generation, between 2012 and 2020 and it was never one of the most popular versions. However, if age is not a problem, copies of SUVs with ten years of life are advertised around R$ 50 thousand..

Toyota Etios may not be the best looking car, but other features justify the purchase — Photo: Disclosure

  • Engine: 1.3 of 98 hp and 13.1 kgfm or 1.5 of 107 hp and 14.7 kgfm
  • Exchange: manual, 5 gears or automatic, 4 gears
  • Fipe table: from BRL 35,566 (1.3 2013) to BRL 69,008 (X Plus 1.5 automatic 2020)

Etios will never win a design award. But it is definitely among them small cars with the best compromise between price, fuel consumption and handling. With the revisions developed by Toyota, it can be considered the best semi-new or used car, as it was discontinued in 2021.

From the 2017 line, in addition to receiving an interior upgrade, The Etios now has a four-speed automatic transmission – which despite not being modern, provided an extra dose of comfort. Toyota’s good reputation still means that the newest models are valued, up to R$ 75,000. Our advice is to find out Etios 2018 with automatic transmission for values ​​up to R $ 8,000 less.

The 2006 Volkswagen Fox has two engine options – Image: Disclosure

  • Engine: 1.0 of 72 hp and 9.2 kgfm, 76 hp and 10.6 kgfm or 82 hp and 10.4 kgfm and 1.6 of 103 hp and 14.5 kgfm, 120 hp and 16.8 kgfm
  • Exchange: manual, 5 or 6 gears or automatic, 5 gears
  • Fipe table: from BRL 14,945 (City 1.0 3 doors 2004) to BRL 76,886 (Extreme 2022)

Fox turns 20 in 2023. The first Volkswagen was built in Brazil and exported to EuropeIt was a compact hatch 1.6 million units produced by the end of 2021, when it went offline. The legacy is that of a model that is spacey, despite its modest external dimensions (less than 4 meters long) and reliable.

At the time of its sale, Fox had offers and 1.0 and 1.6 engines, manual or automatic transmission and even an adventurous version. Because of the longevity, there is no shortage of units on the used market. Prices start at less than $15,000but our advice is to invest three times that amount and look for Volkswagen Fox 1.6 2014.

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