60 Words Of Failure In Living Life, It’s Not Always Negative

60 Words Of Failure In Living Life, It’s Not Always Negative

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Merdeka.com – There is a saying that there is no success without failure. In life, failure is a step that must be taken with courage and grace, while keeping in mind that in the future this will not happen again.

Failure must be seen through a positive lens, so that the pressure does not interfere with your personal development and daily activities. Holding on to words of encouragement in failure is one way for you to stay motivated.

Words of failure that are far from negative are expected to encourage you to get up, admit your mistakes, and correct them. Reporting from various sources, here is a collection of failure quotes in life accompanied by constructive and positive messages. Hope this helps!

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Words for Failing to Get Up Right Away

1. “I’ve lost motivation, but I’ve never lost my goals. Goals are what keep me motivated.”

2. “Change for the better. Before the worst happens to you. It’s too late to fix the leaking roof tiles during the rainy season. Borrow an umbrella while the sun is still shining.” – Jack Ma

3. “It doesn’t matter if I fail, at least I have shared my experience with others. Others can succeed because of the experience I shared.” – Jack Ma

4. “Take risks, if you succeed you will be proud. Even if you fail, you will surely grow wise.”

5. “If someone hurts you, bow down and let him pass you by. Don’t take it to your heart so your heart doesn’t get tired.” – Ali bin Ali Talib

6. “Success goes from one failure to another, without losing our enthusiasm.” – Abraham Lincoln

7. “Many failures in life, did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.” – Thomas Alva Edison

8. “Build success out of failure. Despair and failure are the two best steps to success.” – Dale Carnegie

9. “Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. You will know about failure. Keep trying.” – Benjamin Franklin

10. “It’s good to celebrate success, but it’s more important to learn from failure.” – Bill Gates

11. “Success is 99% failure. – Soichiro Honda

12. “Fear of failure should never be a reason not to try something.” – Frederick Smith

13. “It doesn’t matter how many times you fail. It doesn’t matter how many times you succeed. No one wants to know or care about your failure, and neither do you. All you need to do is learn.” from that failure and from the people around you. The important thing in business is, you only get one hit. Then, everyone can say how lucky you are.” – Mark Cuba

14. “I never think about failure, but when it happens, the only thing that can be done is to do well. It is my duty to those who believe in me. We all experience failure in life.” -Muhammad Ali

15. “How you deal with failure will determine how you achieve success.” – David Feherty

16. “When you fail you just need to start over in a smarter way.” – Henry Ford

17. “Your failures are the ingredients that make success taste better.” – The Truman Way

18. “Don’t worry about failure, worry about missed opportunities even when you haven’t tried.” -Jack Canfield

19. “Destiny regrets will not change the situation. Keep working and do the work that makes us happy.” – Gus Dur

20. “Admitting what happened is the first step in dealing with the consequences of failure.” – William James

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Words Of Failure So You Don’t Give Up

1. “Only God never fails. It’s only natural that you fail. Therefore, never let discouragement stop your mind from looking for a reason to fail.”

2. “Don’t give up if your dream doesn’t come true. With passion, faith, and consistent prayer, anything impossible can become possible.”

3. “Actions can knock us down. There are 1,000 ways to get up.”

4. “If you fail ten times, remember that there are people who have failed fifteen times before they succeed.”

5. “To move forward, there are many obstacles. You can give up for a minute or two, but after that you have to come back.”

6. “Never be sad about what happened today. Because we don’t know what will happen tomorrow.”

7. “If you fall, get up again. If you fail, try again. If you fail, get up again. That’s the struggle of life until God says it’s ‘Time to go home’.”

8. “A person who can get up after a fall is a stronger person than a person who has never fallen at all.”

9. “Believe you can and that’s half of it.”

10. “Have successful people ever failed? They may ask again, how many failures do you want to hear.” – Andrie Wongso

11. “When they fail, many people choose to become a hurricane that makes other people difficult. If you are wise, take advantage of that failure as something beneficial to others, like a calm wind that calms the world.”

12. “The best is to have the courage to do great things, to win a glorious victory, even though sometimes they meet with defeat than those who do not have the spirit to fight, and do not enjoy or suffer much because they live in darkness that knows neither victory nor defeat. ” – Theodore Roosevelt

13. “Your soul may be weak when you experience failure, but it is better than an empty soul because silence has never tried.”

14. “Success makes you known to people and brings many friends, while failure makes you more self-aware and knows who your real friends are.”

15. “If failure is like rain, and success is like sunshine, then it takes both to see a rainbow.”

16. “Failure can be caused by a 1% failure. But the ultimate failure happens when you decide to finish a step and you don’t want to learn from that failure.”

17. “Failure destroys pride, failure awakens intelligence, and failure leads to maturity.”

18. “Behind the failure there are two benefits, namely the benefit of learning to find another way and the benefit of strengthening mentally.”

19. “When rice fails to become rice, then make delicious porridge.”

20. “Success is walking from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm.” -Winston Churchill

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Words of Failure as Self-Reflection

1. “Failure and pain are things that we often want to hide even though they play a big role in building our lives.”

2. “Don’t let your life have no direction and establishment. Bad habits end and go away, after that your hopes will come true.”

3. “There is always a lesson behind failure if we understand God’s plan, everything will be changed in its own way, our job is to do our best and keep positive thoughts.”

4. “Failure hurts, but no man has ever failed. So live with it.”

5. “Among these piles of dreams there is one unfulfilled hope. Life is often not always an uphill climb. Give a bad opportunity to learn.”

6. “Among the various dreams a person has, there is one sadness that no one knows. Often dreams have to fall and be buried away. Give the fall a chance to grow.”

7. “Success and failure are two related things, there will be no success if you don’t experience failure. Make failure a hip to achieve success in the future.”

8. “Stop making other people’s success the measure of success. Life is not a competition, but we are in the process of becoming better every day, trying to make all dreams come true. Learn from mistakes and failures.”

9. “Fear of being wrong is a self-inflicted form of failure.”

10. “The failure that occurs should not be used as an excuse to stop the struggle that has been started.”

11. “Failure is like an invisible teacher who gradually sharpens himself to become a valuable person. It’s a matter of thoughts, continue your struggle.”

12. “Silence will not change anything, but when we dare to take the first step, even if we fail, at least we have tried.”

13. “Only an optimist can aim at the right target that there is opportunity behind failure.”

14. “Don’t be afraid to face failure when you have started a business because your failures are learning resources to improve your business in the future.”

15. “Impotence does not mean incompetence, not daring to start means failure. Everything is just a fantasy of thoughts that have not happened, sometimes what you think is what happens.”

16. “The greatest enemy of success is not failure, but boredom.”

17. “If you have not succeeded in reaching your good goal, then just try to change the path. Don’t change your principles because a tree only leaves its leaves, it does not replace its roots.”

18. “When your body is tired, rest and get up. When your heart is troubled, then istighfar, and continue with the work you planned.”

19. “If what is before you frightens you, and what is behind you harms you. Look up, Allah will not fail you.”

20. “God creates failure so that people can be thankful for the meaning of success. God also creates heartbreak so that people can be thankful for the meaning of loving wholeheartedly.”