6 thousand dollars in 3 months from the bank to your 100 thousand dollars

6 thousand dollars in 3 months from the bank to your 100 thousand dollars

We have money, but we are confused where to put it.

Contrary to the government’s claim that interest rates have decreased, the increase in bank interest rates has benefited those with money.

The fact that consumer loans in banks increased to 6 percent per month, zero car loans to 5 percent per month and housing loans to 4 percent per month made it impossible to get loans from banks.

Therefore, banks give loans to citizens who have accepted these rates? A big number.

Now banks have already turned off credit methods for their customers.

You know, the government, which also removed cash payments from credit cards, had to reverse that idea at the last minute.

Those who don’t have money are left with only credit cards.

Those who have money, cash is very valuable during this period.

Banks, real estate agents, car dealers, and art galleries are after those with cash.

What? Do you know why banks set high rates in exchange rates?

Because they don’t want to pay the foreign currency received in the online environment when the customer comes to buy it.

By setting a high rate, the bank directs the buyer of foreign currency to the Grand Bazaar and exchange offices.

Thus, foreign currency deposited in the bank becomes real, not virtual.

At one time, people used to invest their money in watches. They were getting extra income from here. It has been standing for a year now. Hourly prices recovered 60 percent in dollar terms.

Watches sold for 100 thousand dollars dropped to 40 thousand dollars.

Even those who bought watches from dealers and sold them on the open market suffered huge losses.

First Patek Philippe including Audemars Piguet And RolexThere was a big deficit.

At one point, our people got into the bitcoin business. They also suffered extensive damage.

2 for 1 bitcoin when it first came out McDonald’s the menu was taken.

Bitcoin, which was traded at $80,000 a year ago, is currently trading at $26,000. The loss is 70 percent.

Do you want to buy a house, because the bank does not give loans, you can buy your house at a cheap price because you have money.

Sales offices have opened their doors to those who have the money for the cheapest price.

What? want to buy a car, car dealers can sell cars to those who have cash.

Porsche, Land Rover, Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Volvo And Volkswagen There is a queue of new cars, but don’t worry, your turn will come quickly.

Since they cannot get credit, those waiting in the queue have to give their turn to those who have money.

A car is also an investment vehicle for those who have money like a house.

You earn from watch, you earn from car, you earn from home, you earn from bitcoin…

This is understandable.

But What? you know what’s worse?

If the period of money from money has entered, this is the most dangerous.

I also couldn’t believe what I heard.

The limit is 100 thousand dollars.

You deposit 100 thousand dollars in the bank and they give you a total profit of 5,500 dollars in 3 months.

This may vary from bank to bank. The figure can go up to 6 thousand dollars per conversation.

You earn 20 percent on a dollar basis for almost 1 year.

It is a very large number.

It’s not good, and your money stays in dollars. You also get your interest in dollars. They also pay you interest in advance. You start using.

Could there be a better system than this?

Why should he take on the responsibility of making rich money? Time to make money from money.