6 Recommended Cars Suitable for Campers, Can Make a Family Vacation

6 Recommended Cars Suitable for Campers, Can Make a Family Vacation

There are a number of vehicles that are suitable for use as a camper or camping vehicle. DOC image

JAKARTA – There is a number car suitable for use camp or a camper van. With a little touch, you can make it a tool for camping or vacationing with your family.

For those who are interested in building a campervan, there are a large number of vehicles that meet the criteria. One of the important things is to have a cabin with rooms so that later it can be loaded with furniture or other things. Here are some car recommendations for campervans.

Car Recommendations Suitable for Campers

1. Suzuki APV

With a large body, the Suzuki APV can be an option when you want to make a camper. A large closet can be used for camping purposes.

In addition, the used price of this car is also cheap. Later, the extra money from the remaining purchase can be used as an additional adjustment for the camp.

2. Daihatsu Gran Max

Speaking of cars for campervans, the Daihatsu Gran Max deserves to be on the list. Especially for those who don’t want to be complicated or make a lot of adjustments.

Unlike Suzuki’s APV, the Gran Max has a sliding door that definitely makes it easier to get in and out. Then, the spacious interior can also be used for small furniture or even a bed.

3. Daihatsu Luxio

Next up is the Daihatsu Luxio. This family car has several advantages if you want to make it a camper.

Beyond the price, the Luxio has a large wardrobe with sliding doors. With these features, you can create a cabin according to your taste.