5 New Features in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Gameplay!

5 New Features in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Gameplay!

Success with video games Spider man And Spider-Man: Miles Morales, This year Insomniac will release a sequel called Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. This time Peter and Miles will go on an adventure together as Spider-Man duo who must protect New York City from the threat of villains, including Lizard, Venom and Kraven. It’s more fun than presenting two Spideys at once, gameplay trailers Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 it has also revealed that Peter and Miles have several new advantages that are shown through five new features in the game. Anything? Check it out below, folks.

Special Effects Costumes

At the beginning of the latest gameplay trailer Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, we are immediately presented with a new feature that comes from Peter Parker’s symbiote costume. Where Peter wears his new costume to fight friends who seem to be sent by Kraven the Hunter. Interestingly, apart from changing his appearance, this symbiote costume also gives Peter more different abilities and more aggressive speech. This proves that in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 later Spider-Man’s costume can also affect the user’s strength, abilities, and behavior, not just how it appears in previous games.

Block Enemy Attacks

Other features that we can see from the photo of Peter Parker’s gameplay Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is the ability to deal with direct attacks. If in the previous game Peter could only avoid the attacks with the agility of his body (dodge), later Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 for attacks that cannot be avoided, Peter can also block it immediately with parries. Similar to dodging, it looks like the parry feature is also accompanied by a counter that can deal more damage or even kill instantly. And because Peter isn’t the only playable character, like this new elemental feature, Miles has it too.

New Powers and Gadgets

In contrast to Peter’s violent play, the images of the play Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 The version of Miles Morales actually seems to emphasize the newest features related to equipment mastery and a number of other unique abilities. Including Web Grabber that can pull all enemies at once, Thunder Burst that shoots dangerous lightning down, and so on. If these accessories and abilities are only owned by Miles, it seems Imsonia wants to provide a different play experience for each character. However, it does not rule out the possibility, Peter can also unlock these equipment and abilities along with the development of the story.

Change Characters At Once

What really sets the game apart Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 and previous games feature instant character switching. Where we can press a button to change the character from Peter to Miles who is in another area, and vice versa. This feature is similar to what is in the game GTA V, where players can switch characters instantly on the same timeline even though each character’s locations are far apart. It’s surprising for a reason Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is a unique game that can only be played on PlayStation 5, the SSD technology of the game console makes changing characters and making the surrounding areas feel fast and smooth.

Web Wing for Investigations

Finally, the advantages of the PlayStation 5 SSD technology itself are very possible Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 features a new gameplay feature that allows Spider-Man to deploy Wings Web for faster and easier exploration. So aside from swinging between buildings, Peter and Miles can also hover around like flying with Web Wings which work more or less the same as a glider in the real world. The difference is in the games Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, This Web Wing can be used to fly higher by taking advantage of the speed.

Those are the five newest gameplay features that we will be able to use in the game Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Later. Many of these features are updates from previous versions, such as new, more connected equipment, abilities and costumes. On the other hand there are also completely new features thanks to the most advanced console game engine, such as changing characters on the fly and exploring faster and more widely. Most importantly, all these features will make the playing experience more enjoyable, of course, when the game is released in the Fall of this year.