5 Cheap SUVs To Be Launched By Popular Project Cars

5 Cheap SUVs To Be Launched By Popular Project Cars

SUVs and popular cars are two themes that are on the rise in the automotive world. While SUVs rule the streets, and every brand has invested in them, Brazilian government announced this week that its plan will be to reduce the prices charged for new cars.

At the same time, several low-cost models have been launched in emerging markets, as the wave of SUVs is a global phenomenon. Therefore, there is nothing better than bringing five models with this profile that can take advantage of the new Brazilian tax laws to be sold in the domestic market.

Hyundai exterior [divulgação]

Cheap SUVs: Hyundai Exter

The Exter is a good example of an affordable SUV. About to be launched in India, the model is even smaller than the HB20, as it is 4 meters long. The look is modern, despite being a low-cost car, and the front end can be more beautiful and solid than the Creta, for example.

The back is a little surprising, but for a car that costs less than R $ 40 thousand in the Indian market, this is a detail that can be ignored. If sold in Brazil, the small SUV may even be the spiritual successor of the HB20X, as the adventurous version was discontinued here.

Renault Kiger [divulgação]

Renault King

The Kwid may even be called a compact SUV by Renault, but the truth is that it is nothing more than a tall hatch. It’s up to Kinger to be a subcompact-derived SUV. Launched in 2021 in India, it is sold for around R$ 40 thousand to more than R$ 70 thousand there, and became the cheapest SUV in the Indian market.

Although larger than the Kwid, the Kinger is less than 4 meters long, powered by a 1.0-liter 72 hp engine or a 1.0-liter turbo engine with 100 hp. In the Brazilian market, it could replace the Sandero, positioned between the Kwid and Renault’s new SUV. And it was even considered in Brazil, but since the brand already has a sports utility vehicle in the oven, it is unlikely that the King will land on national soil.

Nissan Magneto [divulgação]
Nissan Magneto [divulgação]

Nissan Magneto

And since the Renault Kinger was mentioned, its platform sibling, the Nissan Magnite, also deserves a mention. The appearance is reminiscent of Mateke, but this is another member of the 4-meter long SUVs. The engines used in the Indian market are 1.0 aspirated, 70 hp, and 1.0 turbo, 100 hp.

Heavily speculated in Brazil for a while, the Magnite was dismissed as too useless for Nissan. If in India the price is between R$ 35,000 and R$ 66,000, here more complete models can invade the price range of Kicks, and put to sleep the sales of the big brother. Therefore, its production in Brazil was left aside.

Kia Sonet [divulgação]

Kia Sonet

Also designed for the Indian market, the Kia Sonet broke the bubble and is even sold in the Middle East. For this, his body work was extended, leaving the traditional 4 meters height and growing to 4.12 meters. Arabs can buy the model with the expected 1.5 engine with 115 hp, while in India it has the same turbo engine as the HB20, a 1.0 engine with 120 hp.

The model could be launched in Brazil to compete with the Citroën C3, as they are almost identical in size. However, there are currently no plans for Kia to bring its compact SUV to market. Another thing that would make things difficult is the fact that the company does not have a factory in the country, which would prevent tax cuts.

toyota urban cruiser [divulgação]

Cheap SUVs: toyota urban cruiser

Toyota Yaris Cross should be chosen as the brand’s new SUV in Brazil, but in India there is an option that can take up to R$ 120 thousand, to achieve tax exemption here. This is the Toyota Urban Cruiser Hryder, which is also the largest model on this list.

While the other mentioned SUVs are 4 meters long, this model is 4.36 m long, powered by a 1.5 liter 102 hp aspirated engine, borrowed from Suzuki, or a hybrid set, which combines a 1.5 engine with an electric one and produces 116 .cv. It shouldn’t be sold in Brazil, as the Yaris Cross has to fulfill this role, but it will be another affordable SUV option.

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