23 cars that will be talked about in 2023

23 cars that will be talked about in 2023

A redesigned Alpine A110

Almost six years after its launch, the Berlinette has to update its modern faces and small elements of its aggressiveness. What about the dashboard, its biggest flaw in quality? Let’s hope that a smart update will succeed in raising its standing.


The iconic mid-range straight to the diabolical M5 that will evolve into a hybrid. To compensate for its weight gain logic, it intends to claim more than 750 hp, to provide a level of performance equal to or even higher than the current one.

Citroen C3

Positioned between the Dacia Spring Electric and the Sandero, depending on the size, it will be offered in hot as well as electric mode. One block of 1.2 PureTech 83 hp is responsible for meeting the needs of those used for Unleaded, while the ë-C3 of 100% electric will be further improved by being available in two power levels: 60 and 80 kW. Two electric motors, optionally powered by a 40 or 50 kWh battery to target up to 400 kilometers of autonomy.

The redesigned Cupra Creator

Despite its relative youth, it will take a stab at distinguishing itself well from the Seat Leon, which is closely followed. Therefore, it will remove the grille that currently separates its optics to reveal the shark’s nose, leaving it at the bottom of the shield to act as a gaping mouth.

Dacia Jogger Hybrid

140 hp, riders that, for Dacia, will perfectly suit this model introduced to ride up to seven passengers. So the Jogger Hybrid will be based on a 1.6 4-cylinder engine supported by a small electric motor powered by a 1.2 kWh battery.

Ferrari Roma Spider

Logically, this Ferrari Roma Spider it will take the V8 block 4.0 l 620 hp of the coupe, which has already been adopted by the Portofino M that will take a place in the list.

Fiat 600

Inheriting the technical base of the Jeep Avenger, this pocket SUV promises to be the smallest of its kind, within the Stellantis galaxy (about 4 meters in length). So he will turn his back on the 500 electric platform, developed under the Fiat-Chrysler era, in favor of a new 156 hp electromotor associated with a larger 50 kWh battery to reach 400 km of autonomy.

Lamborghini Aventador

Mandatory article for the replacement of electricityAventador, whose name is still unknown. But the sine qua non for this ecological speed remains the life of its V12. Backed by an electric motor, it can add about 900 hp to this future PHEV competitor of the Ferrari SF90.

Lotus Envya

For the interior harmony, the very first sedan from the British manufacturer will adopt the lower body of the Eletre SUV, in a perhaps slightly shorter configuration, a large SUV that extends over 5.10 m. The Envya will probably approach the models shown by the Porsche Taycan, Audi e-tron GT and especially the Tesla Model S, its biggest rival.

Maserati GranCabrio

Recently, we have seen the return of the GranTurismo coupé in various configurations, including 100% electric. A legendary icon that will not fail to open in the coming months to continue the reputation of the GranCabrio, with a key of 760 hp.

Modified Peugeot 208 model

Released in 2019, it will undergo a facelift this year which will result in a redesigned grille, with a new coat of arms. Unprecedented ventilation, which is largely placed inside, brought to hang the new shield, while the rear part deserves the satisfaction of correcting the light signatures. Under the hood, it will expand its power supply field by combining its thermal blocks up to 48V. In the case of its 100% electric variant of the e-208, it will gain 20 hp to a peak of 156 hp, while its battery will increase its ability to imagine gathering 400 km WLTP.

Peugeot 2008 was restyled

A similar treatment should be applied to his brother SUV, almost at the same time, in terms of aesthetics and in terms of the engine.

Modified Peugeot 508 model

2023 will also be the year of the facelifted Peugeot 508, despite disappointing trademarks. Simba will try to save the last by managing the recent style theme that he likes, not to mention the conversion to light hybrid through the new PureTech 136 hp, but also the expansion of the PHEV offer from below, by introducing the block. collecting 180 hp under the hood of the 308.

A redesigned Porsche 911

For the first time, the 911 will see some of its hot hatches electrified. According to rumors, the honor would go to the Turbo variant to put its fingers in the socket through innovative technology taken from F1 and endurance hypercars to eliminate the response time of the Turbo while reducing consumption levels.

Porsche 718 Spyder GT4 RS

In the 718 family, which includes the Cayman Coupé and the Boxster convertible, whose work is nearing the end, the missing link is called the 718 Spyder GT4 RS. Declining without a deal that has been the joy of Cayman for a few months, and which will be used for the exchange of votes, soon. It will take many aerodynamic attachments, except for the wing mounted on swan necks, and its 6-cylinder 500 hp engine that will probably make it the most versatile of all time at Porsche.

The redesigned Renault Clio

In fact, many changes will be observed at the front, drawing inspiration from the Austral SUV to widen its grille, while its optics will reject the C-shaped curvature to purify its light signature. On the other hand, the Esprit Alpine trim, launched by Austral last spring, is set to roll out as a replacement for the RS Line badges.

The redesigned Renault Captur

In addition to matching its styling with that of the facelifted Clio, it should increase the 100% electric range of its plug-in hybrid variant to gain more utility.

Renault Espace

The Austral will soon have a few more decimetres to compete with the 5008, giving it an unprecedented 7-seater offering in the Renault catalogue. According to corridor rumors, this crossover will be tested with the name Space, despite its SUV design against the trend of the popular minivan that has been roaming our roads for almost four decades.

Skoda Superb

The fourth generation will enter the field soon, with the specialty of reconfiguring itself as a sedan and as a station wagon, while its cousin the Volkswagen Passat, replaced at the same time, will only be available as a mover.

Swift Suzuki

The next Opus will try a sharper look, sporting an unprecedented, rounded and enveloping valve-shaped bonnet, to better highlight its front fenders.

Tesla Model 3 facelift

On the outside, the new Model 3 should basically retouch the look of its shields and its eye frame to update the light signature. On board, other sources reveal a new shock of simplification in the development of the dashboard which, however, already shines with its purity.

volkswagen tiguan

Volkswagen did not hesitate to review its article in detail by rejecting the main road to emphasize the smooth curves and in line with the recent versions of the electric range production, even if it meant causing problems between it and the ID.4. However, it will be distinguished by its gap grille placed under the shield, which will tend to spread to all future fuel models from the German company.

Volvo EX30

If the big brother EX90, revealed in November, is content to develop the aging XC90 platform to make it a pure electric product, the guest will benefit from an unprecedented foundation within the Volvo-Polestar family. The technical basis, however, which is already known, as the EX30 SUV will inherit some kind of technology… Smart #1.

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