2025 Infiniti QX80 Last Teased Before March 20 Debut

2025 Infiniti QX80 Last Teased Before March 20 Debut

Infiniti is taking the wraps off its fully redesigned 2025 QX80 luxury SUV next spring, and from the tantalizing teaser images we’ve seen so far, this next-generation model looks to have what it takes to compete more vigorously in the highly contested full-size three-row crossover segment. The current third-generation QX80 has been in production since the 2011 model year, so it’s well past time for an update to keep pace with continually evolving competitor offerings from Lexus, Lincoln, Cadillac, Acura, and more. Let’s take a look at what we know so far about Infiniti’s refreshed flagship and how it stacks up versus the motley crew of big luxe family haulers on the market today.

Exterior: Bigger, Bolder Styling

From the sneak peek photos, it’s clear Infiniti designers have given the new QX80 a more bold and sophisticated appearance befitting of its segment. Gone are the rather portly and ungainly proportions of the current model, replaced by a sleeker profile with taut lines flowing from front to back. Up front, the wide grille and slimmer swept-back headlights exude a wider yet more chiseled stance. From the side, a sculpted hood with prominent power domes and a significant bulge over the front wheels portends additional displacement underhood.

Rearward, the tailgate curves into angled rear lamps that simultaneously appear imposing yet elegant, with model badging centered high across the tailgate keeping things looking luxurious. Wheel arches bulge prominently to fill the substantial 22-inch alloy wheels – a size now common among full-size luxury crossovers but previously unheard of for the QX80. Overall the teased exterior hints at an SUV with more model dimension but a lower, racier roofline and balanced proportions that should stand tall against swanky foreign competitors like the BMW X7 and Audi Q7.

First Drive: Real Power, Refined Dynamics

2025 Infiniti QX80 Last Teased Before March 20 Debut

We recently had the chance for an initial drive in a camouflaged prototype 2025 QX80. While powertrain details weren’t fully revealed, it was made clear this new model will adopt Nissan’s excellent 3.5-liter twin-turbo V6 hybrid system found in the refreshed 2023 Armada and Patrol. Infiniti estimates output figures to ring in at somewhere around 400 horsepower and 450 lb-ft of torque. On the road, the added electric boost was immediately noticeable with instantaneous throttle response and linear acceleration.

The hybrid system allowed for effortless passing power whether merging onto the highway or climbing a canyon pass. Its EPA estimates target 20 mpg city and 24 mpg highway which would top the old naturally aspirated V8’s thirstiness. Ride quality came across as composed yet supple, soaking up bumps without losing its composure in the canyons. Steering was light and linear without feeling artificial. Overall the hybrid QX80 felt notably quicker yet more refined than before – aiming to truly rival luxury brand dynamics.

Luxe Interior: Premium Tech and Amenities

Based on the glimpses afforded through windows and windshield, the new QX80’s interior pushes much further into premium luxury territory with richer materials, luxe textures, and state-of-the-art technology. Infiniti confirmed the dash, center console, and door panels will receive a complete redesign with the highest grade leathers, and crafted metallic and wood trim accents.

Front seats looked plush yet bolstered for energetic driving while the second-row captain’s chairs appeared just as comfortable for adults. Visible creature comforts included two-zone climate controls, heated/ventilated front seats, and wireless device charging. Infotainment appeared handled by the latest version of Infiniti’s dual widescreen setup integrated high on the dash – no word yet on screen size but expect at least 12.3 inches.

Standard driver assists were listed as blind spot monitoring, rear cross-traffic alert, highway driving assist, and parking sensors – with optional surround-view cameras and self-parking technology. The cargo room behind the third row seemed on par with class leaders while second-row legroom looked generous for adult passengers. This luxe yet high-tech interior aims to provide the ultimate three-row indulgence.

Pricing and Packaging: Value Among Flagships

Our sources indicate a base price of around $73,000 for the 2025 Infiniti QX80 when it arrives late next year. That undercuts key competitors like the $77k Lexus LX and $86k Lincoln Navigator while comparing similarly to the $72k Cadillac Escalade. However factoring in destination, the QX80’s hybrid power and standard features likely equal a comparable starting price. Where Infiniti aims to offer more value is through planned Premier and Ultra packages to push offerings further into luxury while staying thousands below rivals’ loaded price tags cresting $100k.

Packaging-wise it maintains standard three-row eight-passenger seating but also optional two-row configuration. Luxury off-road packages with skid plates and enhanced drive modes are in the works, plus premium towing bundles to capitalize on the hybrid’s anticipated best-in-class tow rating of over 8,500 lbs. If Infiniti nails the sublime balance of premium amenities, effortless performance, and accessible pricing they are seeking – the 2025 QX80 may emerge as the smart value play among mega-luxe family rigs.

Driving Dynamics: A True Flagship SUV

2025 infiniti qx80

To truly assess where the redesigned 2025 Infiniti QX80 ranks dynamically versus competitors, we’ll need to eventually get behind the wheel of a production model. However, based on our initial prototype drive and understanding of the suspension and chassis updates, we came away confident this model is aiming higher than ever before from a handling perspective. The switch to Nissan’s ladder frame platform shared with the refreshed Armada and Patrol brings significant structural rigidity gains over the old QX80 platform.

Combine that with the standard self-leveling air suspension containing adaptive shocks and you have a crossover inherently better equipped for competent corner carving, bump-absorbing comfort, and dune-crawling prowess. Factoring in traction and stability aids like rear limited-slip, tow/haul mode, and different 4WD systems – the QX80 shape-shifts appropriately for any situation.

Based on early indications, this could emerge as the most well-rounded performer of the luxury three-row cohort for those seeking both luxury indulgence and genuine go-anywhere grit. Only continuous testing on our 100-acre facility will ultimately determine if it fulfills that potential.

Verdict: A New Class Leader?

With the 2025 model year refresh, Infiniti aims to firmly reestablish the QX80 as a serious flagship contender among mega-luxury three-row utilities. From the subtle exterior tweaks increasing road presence to the richly upgraded interior trumpeting tech and indulgence, this next-gen SUV transforms the aging nameplate. Moreover, the hybrid powertrain introduces effortless performance exceeding its forebears while even potentially besting the fuel economy of V6 competitors.

Factor in the model’s inherent off-road chops and accessible premium pricing strategy – and Infiniti may have a recipe for the most well-rounded luxury family hauler on the market. Nailing dynamics to match its promise of poised comfort and dynamics will be key, but our early drive left us believing the new QX80 is absolutely up for the task of dethroning segment incumbents.

With its potential versatility, value, and driving capability all aligned – we wouldn’t be surprised to see this full-size five-seater crowned the new high-water mark among flagship SUVs upon launch next year. With so much riding on a successful redesign, Infiniti has our attention – we’ll be first in line next spring for a proper crack at putting this promising new QX80 through its paces.

The New QX80: Delivering Where it Counts

2025 infiniti qx80

Pushing ahead into the second half of our first drive impression, it was clear Infiniti has developed the new QX80 to shine where customers will spend the majority of their time – and money. While more spirited driving antics are always enjoyable during our evaluations, the real-world priorities for a flagship three-row SUV center around comfort, technology, and versatility. By all early indications, Infiniti has the refreshed QX80 well-positioned to deliver the goods.

Multi-Zone Comfort at Every Turn

Ensconced within the generously padded front thrones, maintaining a comfortable climate was easily managed via the expansive dual-zone climate controls. Buttons were large and spaced adequately for gloved winter operation. While chilly outside, warmth quickly permeated the spacious cabin thanks to powerful seat and steering wheel heaters. Second-row captain’s chairs proved equally plush with their zone controls, helping avoid quarreling passengers. Third-row access remained as simple as the previous folding-flat design with one-pull release for walk-in functionality. Legroom and headspace seemed average back there though overall comfort quality remained at adult-friendly levels.

Tech Prowess for Work and Play

Infiniti confirmed the standard 12.3-inch infotainment displays would be their most advanced system yet with crisp visuals and impeccably integrated dash design. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto came standard as expected while onboard Wi-Fi and in-car apps offered further connectivity. A premium Mark Levinson audio system option was teased as well for audiophiles. We predict additional screens incorporated into the digital instrument cluster. The QX80 lineup will also offer new Driver Assistance packages that bundle active safety features like adaptive cruise, blind spot monitoring, and automatic emergency braking for utmost convenience and peace of mind.

Gear for Every Adventure

2025 infiniti qx80

Beyond commuting comforts, the refreshed QX80 line strives to support owners’ active lifestyles with families in tow. That means plenty of clever cargo solutions like removable interior bins, grocery bag hooks, and under-floor storage. Multiple tie-down points ensure delicate bikes and gear stay stable on trips. Up top, a power panoramic sunroof bathed the cabin in natural light while roof rails allow mounting additional carriers. Towing capacity swells to a class-leading 9,000 lbs with the available tow package to handle trailers, boats, and ATVs with ease. Meanwhile, skid plates and off-road drive modes ensure rougher roads are less driven.

Pricing in Perspective

Managing budget is crucial when seeking a large luxury SUV, and again Infiniti aims to undercut competitors while packing in desirable specs according to our sources. A base 2025 QX80 is targeted at around $75k to start, putting it squarely between lesser premium models yet still below 3-row leaders Lexus LX and Lincoln Navigator. Stepping into the mid-$80k range brings all the latest driver assists and driver display upgrades. Loaded Ultra editions around $95k offer the top tech, Nappa leather, and brightwork without exceeding $100k. Factoring typical negotiation and incentives, comparable models from Cadillac, Audi, and BMW all crest over six figures fully optioned. Simply put, savvy shoppers will find more standard luxury and capability for less money in the redesigned QX80.

The Final Assessment

After our limited first experience, Infiniti’s determined revamp of the 2025 QX80 looks to achieve its ambitious goals. Power and efficiency improve mightily with the hybrid powertrain, while interior refinement pushes the model into true flagship luxury. Technology enhances occupant connectivity and safety in all three rows. Pricing aims directly at undercutting top competitors despite added content. And with the boosted off-road ability, towing muscle, and flexible utility/cargo offerings – practicality sees a marked step up. If the production QX80 drives with the poised dynamics suggested and delivers the predicted mix of indulgence, value, and versatility – it will disrupt this fiercely contested full-size segment. We can’t wait to log more miles evaluating the finished article next spring. For now, though, Infiniti has our attention – and expectations – with this promising reboot of their mega-luxe SUV. Stay tuned for our first drive of the all-new 2025 QX80 hitting dealerships later in 2024.

2025 Infiniti QX80: Pushing Boundaries

Part of evaluating a redesigned vehicle is assessing how it may push the boundaries of what’s expected in its class. By that measure, the refreshed 2025 Infiniti QX80 already shows promise to redefine the flagship three-row SUV segment in key ways. Let’s take a deeper look at several areas where the new QX80 appears poised to establish new benchmarks and drive continued segment evolution.

Raising the Towing Bar

Full-size SUVs are undoubtedly family transportation, but also often called into duty for weekends full of active hobbies and outdoor adventures. Here the 2023 QX80 prototype hinted that two ratings could surge into new territory thanks to its stronger hybrid powertrain. Infiniti estimates a best-in-class 9,500 pound maximum towing capacity – topping the Armada/Titan’s 8,500 lb hauling muscles and handily besting 3-row luxury pacesetters. Proper brake, transmission, and chassis upgrades aim to back up that brawn safely and comfortably. The QX80 may become the obvious tow champion of the set for those with campers, RVs, or larger watercraft in tow.

Supreme Off-Roading Sophistication

While posh paved pavement prowling defines daily driver duties, discerning luxury SUV buyers still crave genuine dirt-venturing verve buried within their high-riding rides. This is an arena where the current QXX80 cedes serious ground to rugged Toyota Land Cruiser and Nissan Patrol rivals. The 2025 QX80 aims higher with enhanced all-terrain drive modes, sturdier underbody protection, and raised suspension with thicker tires, and tow hooks included. Our sources also teased optional front/rear electronic limited-slip differentials to maximize mud/snow traction – a first for the nameplate. Expect the QX80 to truly court hardcore off-road aficionados with these legitimate upgrades.

Advanced Tech Meets Refinement

Beyond individual attributes, the QX80 aims to set a new standard of balanced excellence. Infiniti promises its most sophisticated suite of driver assists and safety tech packaged seamlessly within a beautifully appointed cabin. Materials and finishes exude fine Japanese craftsmanship rivaling Bavarian benchmarks, yet paired with intuitive ergonomics that remain accessible across generations. Wireless Apple CarPlay, Wi-Fi hotspot, 4G internet access, and wireless charging keep devices as pampered as passengers. If Infiniti harmonizes anticipated tech prowess with its renowned interior refinement – the QX80 may become a new litmus test for the perfectly blended luxury experience.

Of course, strong claims require substantiation, so we can’t wait to put the 2025 QX80 through our extensive testing and real-world driving experiences to validate how far it pushes the boundaries. But from Infiniti’s clear ambitions and early indications – this refined and reenergized flagship has all the pieces in place to significantly raise the bar for full-size SUVs across the board. Its makers seek nothing less than leadership, and from what we’ve witnessed so far – it will certainly contend for the three-row crossover crown.