2024 Westfalia Projekt GP1 is a camper van for all occasions

2024 Westfalia Projekt GP1 is a camper van for all occasions

If you’ve ever pondered whether camper vans are solely reserved for leisurely getaways, your perspective might undergo a substantial shift upon encountering the Westfalia Projekt GP1.

This multifaceted prototype vehicle, rooted in the Ford Transit Custom, boasts adaptability not only for vacationing but also for daily commuting and recreation.

Westfalia Projekt GP1 (2024): Campervan on Ford Transit Custom - SASATIMES


The GP1 isn’t confined to the customary camper van label. Featuring a pair of sliding doors and detachable individual seats, the Westfalia GP1 effortlessly morphs from a 4 to 6-passenger MPV into a capacious van. Whether you’re shuttling youngsters from school, handling chores, or embarking on a weekend escapade, the Westfalia GP1 is primed for the mission.


The GP1 transcends mere flexibility, exhibiting power and efficiency as well. The Premium iteration touts four-wheel drive, 170 horsepower, and an automatic gearbox, while the Classic variant embraces a manual transmission and front-wheel drive. Both versions are anchored in the Ford Transit Custom, part of the Titanium Line, ensuring integration of top-notch Ford technology and features.

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The GP1’s aesthetics rival its performance. Sporting a roof that can be raised single-handedly, the GP1 unveils a slumber zone for two when elevated, measuring 2.00 meters in length and 1.27 meters in width. Beyond the seats, a sleeping module converts into two extra restful spots on the ground floor, measuring 1.90 x 1.12 meters.


Yet, the GP1’s appeal extends beyond sleeping comfort. It boasts a modern wall-mounted cabinet housing a compact kitchenette, complete with a stove, water system featuring a sink, and reservoirs for fresh and wastewater (25 liters/15 liters). A 25-liter compressor refrigerator is also stashed in a drawer, suitable for use beyond the confines of the vehicle.

The GP1 is supplied with two 95 Ah AGM household batteries that can be recharged via an external 230-volt connection. Multiple USB ports for electronic gadgets are also on hand, ensuring perpetual power availability, regardless of your location.


The GP1 arrives in a pair of flavors – Premium and Classic. The Premium variant comes with a price tag of €77,725*, while the Classic rendition can be acquired for €63,890*. Undeniably, these costs are not modest, but the price-quality ratio for both models proves appealing, taking into account the offered versatility and functionality.

Westfalia GP1 Classic Westfalia GP1 Premium

Base Vehicle: Ford Transit Custom (Titanium version) Ford Transit Custom (Titanium version)

Engine: 136 hp 170 hp

Transmission: Manual Automatic

Drive: Front-wheel drive Four-wheel drive

Seating/Sleeping Capacity: 4/4 4/4

Base Price: €63,890* €77,725*