2024 Skoda Superb Specs Revealed with  261 Horsepower

2024 Skoda Superb Specs Revealed with 261 Horsepower

Due to varied preferences towards SUVs, Skoda has opted to introduce a new generation of the Superb, maintaining both body styles for its extensive family car lineup. This will include both the liftback and wagon versions. However, a contrast can be observed with the mechanically linked Volkswagen Passat, as its upcoming generation will exclusively feature an elongated roof. Prior to its anticipated unveiling in November, the flagship model from Mladá Boleslav has disclosed its technical specifications.

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Diverging from the adoption of Skoda’s fresh Modern Solid design language, the 2024 Superb showcases an evolution in styling. It will possess dimensions of 4912 millimeters for the standard iteration and 4902 mm for the wagon model. These measurements signify a growth of 43 mm and 40 mm, respectively, compared to the preceding model. An intriguing revelation is that both versions will be 15 mm slimmer, measuring 1849 mm in width. The liftback’s height will be elevated by 12 mm to 1481 mm, while the wagon’s stature will see a 5 mm increase to 1482 mm. The wheelbase will remain consistent at 2841 mm.

Staying true to Skoda’s commitment to practicality, the forthcoming Superb generation will provide a cargo capacity of 645 liters for the standard body style, while the wagon will offer 690 liters. These figures showcase increments of 20 and 30 liters, respectively. In a predictable fashion, the Combi variant aligns its rear seat storage volume with the freshly designed Skoda-developed Passat. Furthermore, there is a minor elevation in headroom for the driver, front passenger, and the two outer rear seat occupants.

2024 Skoda Superb specs revealed: Larger and with up to 261 bhp

When discussing the engines, it’s important to note that they will have varying compatibility. Most of them will be paired with a seven-speed DSG, except for the plug-in hybrid version which will utilize a six-speed DSG transmission. The exception is due to the hybrid’s electrified nature, leading it to employ the six-speed variant. The entry-level Superb model features front-wheel drive and is equipped with a mild-hybrid 1.5 TSI engine producing 148 hp (110 kW). This is followed by a 2.0 TSI engine with 201 hp (150 kW) in front-wheel drive configuration, and 261 hp (195 kW) with all-wheel drive. The most powerful gasoline engine in this lineup has a reduced power output compared to the previous generation, presumably due to adjustments made to adhere to the increasingly stringent emissions regulations in EU countries.

Shifting to the diesel options, the base 2.0 TDI engine generates 148 hp (110 kW) and is matched with front-wheel drive, while the higher-powered diesel variant produces 190 hp (142 kW) and features all-wheel drive. As for the plug-in hybrid version, known as the Superb iV, it is exclusively available as a wagon and combines a 1.5 TSI engine with an electric motor, resulting in a combined power output of 201 hp (150 kW). Notably, the plug-in hybrid’s battery capacity has been expanded from 12.7 kWh to 25.7 kWh, allowing it to cover over 62 miles (100 kilometers) solely using electric power. The charging capabilities have also been enhanced, with maximum AC charging power raised from 3.6 to 11 kW, and DC charging supported up to 50 kW. Skoda will fit a 45-liter gasoline tank in the plug-in hybrid model.

The new Superb model will offer a range of 28 “Simply Clever” features, including an electrically operated roller blind for the wagon variant. While some hoped for a separate tailgate glass opening similar to BMW’s Tourings, this feature is not present in the new Superb. A new addition is a rear center armrest featuring a built-in tablet holder. Skoda has also included a double pocket on the back of the front seats and an integrated funnel in the windshield washer fluid reservoir lid. And yes, there will be an umbrella stored in the driver’s door, though it may not be as elaborate as the ones found in Rolls-Royce vehicles.

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While the interior of the car has not been revealed by Skoda, certain details have been disclosed. The gear selector has been relocated to the steering wheel column, resulting in increased space between the front seats. The infotainment system will have a maximum size of 12.9 inches, and thankfully, it will not integrate all functions, as there will still be several “manual controls” available. The center console has also been redesigned to be more organized and clear.

The new Superb model can be equipped with up to 10 airbags, including a knee airbag for the driver’s side and a central airbag. It will introduce new driving assistance features such as Curve Assistant and Intersection Assistant. The upgraded front radar system will now be capable of detecting cyclists, a feature that was absent in the previous version which only offered predictive pedestrian protection. The enhanced Top View function will utilize four cameras to generate a higher-resolution 360-degree view compared to its predecessor.

Production of the Superb will be moved from Kvasiny, Czech Republic, to Bratislava, Slovakia, where it will share the assembly line with the 2024 VW Passat Variant. Given the EU’s plan to ban the sale of new cars emitting harmful emissions by 2035, it is reasonable to assume that this generation of the Superb might be the last to offer traditional combustion engines.