2021 model Mercedes-Benz Vito for sale


Due to the debt, the goods with the following types, quantities and values ​​are put up for sale, and detailed pictures of the foreclosure, auction conditions and detailed information can be found through the file number 2023/28 ESAS. at esatis.uyap.gov.tr.

Estimated Value Type and Key Features

1.750.000,00 1 Car with Plate 34EHR433, Model 2021, Brand MERCEDES-BENZ, VITO BASE 3280FL 114CDI Type, Chassis No W1V44760513857462, Gray Diesel Type Fuel, Gray Body Type Manual, Notice Gear paint car painting. There is no damage, there are various scratches on the paint part of the car due to use, there are no visible defects in the engine and mechanical parts, there are no visible defects in the examination carried out in the interior of the car. car, the car is VIP Design, there are no problems with the glove box and upholstery, the car is 24,211 km. It has been observed and determined that there is no record of damage according to the records of the damage of the tramer of the car, that the tires of the car have an average of 70% of the tread thickness and are in highway standards, the car does not have a key and a license.

Adding Information

117 m² 2+1 apartment for sale in Gediz, Kütahya

1. Addition of Date and Start Time: 27/06/2023 – 14:59
Closing Date and Time: 04/07/2023 – 14:59

2. Increase Start Date and Time: 26/07/2023 – 14:59
Closing Date and Time: 02/08/2023 – 14:59
(Article EBL.114/4)

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