2 new motorcycles from BMW – Auto News

The newest members of BMW Motorrad’s Heritage segment are the R 18 Roctane and the R 12 nineT. The new BMW R 18 Roctane appears to be the 5th member of the R 18 family, with its design influenced by the legendary R 5 style and its modern technology despite its old appearance. R 12 nineT in the same section is the first instance of his name being used in this section. The development of the model name comes from its 1200 cc engine. The R 18 Roctane will meet the roads in Turkey in 2024, while the R 12 nineT, which attracts attention with its high power and unique sound thanks to its 1200 cc engine, will be launched in the third quarter of this year.

The Last Member of the R 18 Family

BMW Motorrad’s design that combines technology and tradition, the New BMW R 18 Roctane, supports the unique heritage of driving experience from the famous R 5 model with its aerodynamic rear design. The BMW R 18 Roctane reflects vintage influences on the outside world with its Avus black metallic color and the matte black finish of this color. In addition to the striking metallic black color of the Avus, the optional alternative color of the New BMW R 18 Roctane attracts attention. The body color called Manhattan, which was also used in the R 18 Transcontinental model in the past, is attractive with its matte metallic appearance. A BMW Motorrad design that combines a modern design line with modern technology.. The new BMW R 18 Roctane has the most powerful 1802 cc engine BMW has ever produced. This two-cylinder unit produces 91 horsepower and 150 Nm of torque.

BMW R12 nineT

The BMW R 12 nineT, which replaced the R nineT, which was specially produced for the 90th anniversary of BMW Motorrad 10 years ago, has been specially developed for the 100th anniversary of the brand celebrated this year. The engine, created with a simple design language, is shown first in the fuel tank of the BMW engine and the standard boxer engine. Thanks to this design language, the design of the R 12 nineT is inspired by the simple fuel tank, seat and rear line of the BMW R 90 S, a legend of the 70s. The exhaust system on the left, on the other hand, supports the classic but sporty design of the model with its double muffler and conical exhaust tip. As the name suggests, the R 12 nineT has a 1200 cc 2-cylinder boxer engine. Working with air and oil cooling, this unit reaches 109 horsepower and 115 Nm of torque.