10 Most Expensive Cars Appearing in Fast and Furious Movies

10 Most Expensive Cars Appearing in Fast and Furious Movies

In the history of Fast and Furious, the franchise has always had fast and interesting cars. Some of them have prices that make a hole in your pocket. (Photo: Car and Driver)

fast and furious started as a series about street racers and highway thieves. But, over time, everything has changed. Dominic Toretto and his crew are not just criminals and street athletes.

The family has become a major player in international espionage. However, the roots of street racing have not left them. Instead, they integrated their driving and stealth skills into their espionage.

Together fast and furiousthe car remains the real star franchise That. The protagonist and the villain have driven the fastest and most exciting cars ever. Among them, some stand out for their low prices. What is the most expensive car ever? fast and furious? Quote CBRsee the review below!

10. McLaren 720S 2019 – Hobbs and Shaw

Photo: Car Buzz

The Fast and the Furious: Hobbs & Shaw putting more emphasis on sci-fi concepts than cars. However, there is one of the most expensive cars in the franchise that appears in the movie. This is the first time there is a McLaren inside franchise That. The supercar was driven by Deckard Shaw and was able to accommodate many people in it. For Deckard, the $287,000 car is just one of his many toys.

9. Lexus LFA 2011 – Five Fasts

Image: Fast and the Furious Wiki – Fandom

Ending the Five Fasts giving each of Dom’s agents a taste of the fruits of their labor after stealing US$100 million (Rp 1.49 trillion) from Brazilian drug lord Hernan Reyes. Han chose to go to Madrid with his girlfriend, Giselse, in a 2011 Lexus LFA. The car is quite ordinary considering how rich Han is because it costs USD 445,000 (Rp 6.65 billion). But, it was the most expensive car Han ever drove.

8. 1969 Chevrolet Yenko Camaro – 2 Fast 2 Fury

Image: Fast and the Furious Wiki – Fandom

The 1969 Yenko Camaro first appeared as the property of a petty criminal named Korpi di 2 Fast 2 Fury. With the car costing USD 795,000 (Rp 11.89 billion), Korpi was immediately forced to hand it over to Brian O’Conner after losing the bet. Brian then uses the car in the climactic scene of the film.

7. Eagle Speedster 2014 – Fast and Furious 6

Image: Pinterest

Fast and Furious 6 it is still one of the best movies in the franchise and has one of the most expensive cars in the movie. When Tej and Luke go to a car auction to find a replacement for their BMW M5, the bookmaker ignores them because of their looks. He thought the two men were not rich enough to buy anything. In typical Tej style, he shocks the businessman by buying all the cars there. This includes the Eagle Speedster, which costs around $876,000.

6. McLaren Senna 2019 – Quick X

Image: Fast and the Furious Wiki – Fandom

Named after legendary Brazilian Formula 1 racer Ayrton Senna, the 2009 McLaren Senna is sleek and fast. The car can reach a maximum speed of up to 335 km / h and costs around USD 960,000 (Rp. 14.36 billion). Fans saw the McLaren Senna at Fast X with Deckard Shaw behind the wheel. It is not known how he got the car. But, as a criminal and former intelligence agent, stealing might be easy for him.