10 Mass Production Cars With The World’s Strangest Wheels TheGasPol.com

10 Mass Production Cars With The World’s Strangest Wheels TheGasPol.com

Steering usually represents how the car’s design is made. In addition to having a neat model, the steering wheel must also be made as ergonomic as possible and as comfortable as possible to hold.

Interestingly, there are several cars that actually use an unusual steering wheel. If it is a unique model, aka it is not just round, so the material used is not like the steering wheel in general.

Thegaspol.com has been able to summarize, from various sources, 10 steering wheels that are ‘strange’ from cars that have been mass produced in the world. If you want to know anything, consider the following.

Lancia Orca

This Lancia has been strange from the start, using the name Orca as this type of car doesn’t feel normal anymore. Because other cars had the names of horses Mustang, Spyder or Cobra, Lancia preferred the name whale.

The steering wheel from Lancia Orca is as amazing as its name. With so many buttons that seem to crowd the steering panel, it actually makes it feel cramped. It’s like putting a wired phone on the steering wheel of a car.

Spyker Spyder

The Spyker is not a bad car for a sports car, there is little resemblance to the grille on the Spyker compared to the Maserati. However, the cool Spyder name owned by the Lamborghini Gallardo was not completely transferred to the Spyker version of the Spyder.

With a traditional design dominated by brown and a handle made of steel with chrome fittings, this car emphasizes that it is not very friendly when it comes to safety. Because with this appearance, it is impossible to deploy air bags.

Aston Martin Lagonda

Aston Martin, which is known as a luxury car, makes a full effort to provide a luxurious design from the outside to the inside of the car. Including from the contents of the cabin and dashboard.

Before getting an update in 2015, the 1967 Lagonda came with a steering handle design that used only one panel to ‘stick’ to the car’s body. The effect really looks amazing, because it has an unusual position and color.

Maserati Boomerang

Maserati has the same reputation as Aston Martin, it produces many luxury cars with a great appearance of elegance. However, the good design can only be used if this car was sold in the 1980s.

The steering wheel of this car is similar to the Lancia Orca steering wheel. Only a different form and concept. Both offer numerous buttons and panels in the middle of the steering wheel that have the potential to distract the driver.

Citroen Karin

One of the most amazing cars made by Citroen. The Karin was made in 1980. From the looks alone, it is very clear that Citroen’s basis for making this car was. It is shaped like a pyramid which is not aesthetically pleasing for a bedroom.

Already amazing on the outside, this car is also amazing in terms of steering wheel design. With a funnel shape, aka cone, this car designs a steering wheel that is as complex as the Lancia Orca. If there is a phone placed in the middle of the steering wheel.

Citroen DS

Throw back In 1969, Citroen had released the DS cars with the current design which was modern and elegant. Very different from models like BMW, Mercedes or Ford cars.

The proprietary steering wheel is also strange, because it only has one ‘bar’ connecting the wheel to the car’s controls. In some cases this condition is complained of because it makes the car heavy when turning.


If generally the control cars that are produced have a standard year of manufacture, it is different from the Honda EV-STER which is a modern concept car because it was made in 2011 at the Tokyo Motor Show.

With the concept of getting a bit of cockpit gain, Honda attached two handles to the steering wheel control in the cockpit. With the addition of a digital screen and a small touch screen. Weird, but definitely better than weird.

Mazda MX-03

On the other hand, long before the Honda EV-STER, the Mazda MX-03 had already tried the concept of using a flight handle in the cabin. When this car was driven in the old days it may have looked cool.

But when this car is released these days, it can even feel boring. Because the handle resembles a game console-style joystick, with curves that are tolerable and the color is very dark.

Subaru XT

This classic car is not too bad for a Japanese car in terms of design. Because this car reminds many Petrolheads with the design of the Mazda Astina which has pop-up lights that can be used when needed.

Unfortunately, the unique exterior design did not match the design of the steering wheel. The design is a little strange, and the shape of the letter L, the steering wheel of this car really looks unbalanced.

Ford Wrist Twist

No one doubts the production of the world’s largest car company, Ford. Ranger, Focus, Fiesta are some of the best Ford cars. But not many thought that Ford had ever done experiments that made car enthusiasts shake their heads at the time.

Project Wrist Twist is a product that lives up to its name. Wrist Twist means ‘to turn the wrist’. Because the steering wheel of this car uses two related handles. Like opening a faucet, the way to turn this car is by turning.