10 Highlights from the Premier League match between Manchester United and Chelsea, which ended 4-1

TEMPO Co, Jakarta Unity beat Chelsea 4-1 on matchday 32 Premier League at Old Trafford, Friday morning, May 26 2023. This result will lead them to qualification for next season’s Champions League.

MU immediately won four goals in this match, through Casemiro, Anthony Martial, Bruno Fernandes (penalty), and Marcus Rashford. Chelsea responded only once through Joao Felix’s goal.

This victory saw the Red Devils rise to third place in the standings with a value of 72, two points ahead of Newcastle United who have also qualified for the Champions League. With one game remaining, it is impossible for MU and Newcastle to catch Liverpool (66), who are in fifth place.

Chelsea, who continued to experience problems throughout the season, are sure to finish outside the top 10. They are in 12th place with 43 points, left by Fulham in 10th place.

Check out the facts from the Manchester United vs Chelsea match:

1. Man United, which has won the Champions League title three times, will once again be able to taste the competition in this prestigious European championship after failing last season because it only finished sixth.

2. Erik ten Hag has become the fifth Manchester United manager to finish in the top four of the Premier League in his first season, after John Bentley (1912-13), Matt Busby (1946-47), Ron Atkinson (1981- 82) and Louis. van Gaal (2014-15).

3. Manchester United have won 26 matches at Old Trafford this season. That is the second record in history. In 2002/03 they won 27 times. That record can still be matched by MU in the last week of this season.



4. Marcus Rashford is the first Manchester United player to score 30 goals in one season in all competitions since Robin van Persie in 2012-13. He also became the first to score 20 goals at Old Trafford since Wayne Rooney in 2009-10.

5. For the first time in the history of the Premier League, Manchester City, Arsenal, Newcastle and Manchester United finished the season in the Champions League zone or the top four standings together.

6. The two teams that have finished in the top four most times are Manchester United (27) and Arsenal (22). But this will be the first time they have finished there together since the 2014/15 season.

7. Chelsea have lost more Premier League matches this season (16) than in the previous two seasons (15).

8. Chelsea failed to qualify for the Champions League for the first time in six seasons. In 2017-18 they also missed out after only finishing fifth.

9. Chelsea will finish outside the top 10 for the first time since 1995-96 (11th). In 2015-16 they finished 10th.

10. Christian Eriksen now has more assists in the Premier League than Thierry Henry (74). Only 11 players in PL history have had more assists.


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