10 curiosities of ‘Planet of the Apes: Inception’, one of the best stories of the last decade.

10 curiosities of ‘Planet of the Apes: Inception’, one of the best stories of the last decade.

Founded in 2011, Planet of the original apes it suddenly arrived and became one of the biggest successes of that year. Bringing science fiction back into the spotlight of big-budget productions, the feature started a new film franchise that is still successful today. To think about it, we separate ten trivia from the first film. Look!

The beginning

The first draft of the document, written in 2006, was not intended to be a prequel in Planet of the Monkeys. The name of the project was The beginning and he would deal with the case of a genetically modified chimpanzee, who after being raised in a human home, would become very intelligent, communicate through sign language and eventually become an evil creature. The good part was preserved, but instead of being evil, he was transformed into the main leader of the ape revolution, showing that the real villains were humans. Ah, the original name was the inspiration for the genetic company that created the virus.

A prequel?

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When the movie was released in 2011, there was a big debate about being a rebuild it or one reboot. Thus, to show that the element is true a prequel that will lead to the events shown in the previous saga of Planet of the Monkeys, the team inserted small references to old movies throughout the program. If you look carefully, in this first film, there is a small part shown through the media (newspapers and TV) of the space mission. It is possible to see the news of the launch of the plane and the mysterious disappearance of the crew in outer space. It is this mission that evokes the events of the 1960s film.

build a caesar

Composing the chimpanzee Caesar, actor Andy Serkis it was inspired by two chimpanzees who existed in real life. His most social behavior came from a monkey named Oliver, while his movements of wearing clothes and symbolic communication came from chimpanzees. I’m Chimpsky. His voice was created by a combination of Andy Serkis’ own voice and grunts made by a real-life chimpanzee, mixed by the sound team.

a controversial leader

It is shown in the film that the main inspiration for the name of the chimpanzee Caesar is the Roman emperor, Julius Caesar. Then, when the animal begins its revolution at the animal center, he makes the analogy of a monkey and a pile of sticks. Apart from being a symbol that Roman agents carried when carrying out orders, it is a symbol of the fascist movement. The argument used by the chimpanzees is similar to Mussolini’s, that they are weak alone, but together they are invincible. This shows that Caesar’s revolution will not be peaceful and will have initiatives that are not very pleasing to mankind.


As the revolution begins, giving cookies to his comrades, Caesar is seen photographing a bronze sculpture of. rodin, The Thinker. Later, when they take their revolution outside the monkey station, you can see the monkeys climbing the central tree in the yard. As they ascend, the animals create an image of the double helix of human DNA, mocking the logo of the company that created the virus that increased their intelligence and once again showing that they are mutating.


Film is one of the pioneers in the evolution of motion capture. Until then, this technique was only used in the studio, under well-defined conditions. In this film, the visual effects team was able to bring in a motion-capture suite to open up locations such as the forest park, further expanding the possibilities for creating breathtaking scenes.


At the very beginning of the film, when testing Caesar’s mother, Bright-Eyes, the scientists rewarded her signs of high intelligence with orange sodas. However, if you notice, this soda is used in energy bottles. The documentary, while conducting research, discovered that captive chimpanzees are attracted to sugar and love a popular energy drink.

actual population

The simian invasion of San Francisco looks terrifying, what with that group of apes rebelling against humans. However, the director focused on the actual number of chimpanzees in the region. In São Bruno alone, for example, there are around 80 great apes living there.


In fact all the monkeys in the film are made using computer graphics. There were several actors involved in the motion capture whose voices were mixed with chimpanzee grunts, produced by the sound team. However, Andy Serkis revealed that he himself was not limited to just making Caesar, having helped create and act as other apes in the film.

A monkey

The font used in the movie title is called Simianwhich means simian, playing with the rule of chimpanzees even in designing the title of the saga.

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